The new 'Send for Proof' wizard

Create Users and Send Proofs via the New 'Send for Proof' Wizard

Our new 'Send for Proof' wizard is here. It sits in your GoProof Adobe CC extension panel and makes it super easy to set up users and get work approved. It’s so slick you’ll feel like a hero using it!

You don’t need to set up your Reviewers and Gatekeepers before starting a project now. It’s done from within your CC panel when you’re ready to send for proof, so you can get projects started faster and not worry about the admin until you need to.

We’ve laid it out into four simple sections, making it a stroll in the park to get everything you need done superfast and get some more me time.


Firstly, you will see the Team type of General auto-selected. This will be your default choice but if you want to introduce separate review cycles for different teams within your business such as Editorial or Marketing, then GoProof manages this for you. You will add your actual users in the next step.

GoProof Blog Create Users 1

GoProof manages version releases to Teams to stop document cross-over. If the Team you’ve picked already has a proof out we’ll tell you, so you can chase that one down first.

GoProof Create Users 2

Then you add your Proof Name, if it’s the first round of proofs e.g. Coca Cola Christmas Banners. Keep it clean, as this Proof Name will be visible to all your users!

No need to worry about adding version numbers to the documents. We’ll do that automatically for you as part of our version control. If it’s the second proof round or later then the Proof Name will already be displayed.

In the shaded box on the right you can see who the Client is, what Project you’re working on and the exact document name which is taken directly from your CC document.


We’ve given you a real power-up here. The new interface has an option to switch between adding individuals and groups and change their role type.When you hit Enter to add them, they’ll appear in the list below as individuals. Gatekeepers can set or change their Type to Reviewer (make comments) or Gatekeeper (make comments and sign off).

GoProof Create Users 3

Removing users from the list is easy. Do it individually via the minus button or all at once using Clear List. Once you’ve set up your list you can save it and name it for next time.


GoProof Create Users 4

This bit’s quick and easy! Just type in your email subject line and message content and when you’re done, move on to the next step.


Now just a chance to check everything over before you send for proof. Use the BACK button to make any changes. When you’re all set, GO PROOF. All done!

GoProof Create Users step5

We hope you enjoy the new way to approve amazing Adobe CC work and thanks for all the feedback. We look forward to your comments or keep it coming in on email!

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