Manage Multiple Reviews of a Proof Simultaneously

Use the Teams feature to manage multiple reviews of a single proof

Our Customer Success Team gets asked a lot if there’s a way in GoProof to split out a review for different sets of collaborators.

You bet there is. It’s called Teams.

First, let’s paint the picture so you get the context.

You have a proof you want to send out to a bunch of people. Thing is, those people are in different departments, review circles or even businesses and all have ranging levels of influence on the final approval.

Some teams may just simply need eyes on the proof whilst others may have a proofing responsibility on a very specific section.

Here are some common scenarios where different teams are needed:

  • Legal wording
  • Financial data
  • Sales forecasts
  • HR due diligence
  • Partnership agreements

The Teams function allows you to create a separate team for Legal, Finance, Sales and the like, making it easy to keep feedback isolated in specific circles.

So... you can create any number of reviews of the same proof running simultaneously alongside each other. Awesome.

NOTE - Teams are different from collaborator groups and operate at a higher, umbrella level. Groups are just a quick and easy way to send a proof to more than one collaborator, so you don’t have to keep selecting them individually.

And it goes further - into versioning.

You could, say, have your legal team looking at version 2 to approve some important changes to the terms in the footer copy, whilst your marketing team may still be collaborating on version 1.


Flexing the way you flow your proofs across collaborator circles is easy thanks to Teams.

Start using it today and if you need any help, feel free to reach out to us!


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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