Page Flipper View for GoProof Creative Project Collaboration

View your creative project media in page flipper portfolio mode


The new version of our online proofing software is flippin’ fantastic.

You guys have been nudging us to drop an old skool view mode into GoProof. And you know what? We’re happy to deliver on it! Why not?

So here it is, say a big Wassup! to the page flipper portfolio view.

Yeah, you thought the page turner had disappeared, never to return. No way. On your demand we’ve lowered it down off Jabba’s wall, thawed it from carbonite and brought it back to life - and it works just great.

Here’s where it fits in a GoProof context. (SPOILER: it could creep in a bit deeper if you’re feeling it... we’ll listen to your feedback)

We’ve taken a leaf out of our publishing background book and used a page flipper as a cool way to combine all the work within a client project into a single portfolio view.

Switch to page flipper mode using the icon on the Proof Dashboard.

To use the flipper, collaborators go to their Proof Dashboard where they’ll find the page flipper icon on the grey bar above the proofs next to the list and tile view options. It will be greyed out to start with.

They choose a project from the drop-down options using the selector above the proofs which will be displaying as ALL PROJECTS unless one has already been selected.

Once a project has been selected, the page flipper icon comes alive in blue and is ready to rock and roll when you click it.

The portfolio view takes all the proofs in that project and places them together as separate pages, allowing collaborators to flick through the pages one by one.

A thumbnail bar across the bottom shows them all the numbered pages in the portfolio. They can jump directly to a page by clicking on it.

Flip through all the media contained in a project in one combined portfolio interface

To flip through pages using a mouse, drag from the top or bottom corners or by clicking on the shaded vertical area just to the side of each page.

On a keyboard, collaborators tap the arrow keys to move through and can jump back and forth to the ends using the Home and End keys.

There’s a zoom on it too. They just click on the area they want to look at to go deeper, then click anywhere on the screen to pull back - or hit Escape.

To quit the portfolio and get back to the Proof Dashboard, collaborators use the X in the top right corner or their browser’s Back button.

Cool, right? So let your collaborators go retro and use the page flipper portfolio view today.

It’s page-flippin’ good.


Looking ahead, we’re going to take your lead on expanding the depth and interactivity of this view. We’ve got a bunch of ideas already but we want to hear feedback from your collaborators before we start scheduling projects, so please let us know what they say.

Right now, feel free to share your ideas and we’ll start drafting a priority list and timeline for development.

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