Visit the new GoProof Support Centre

Visit the new GoProof Support Centre for advanced learning and FAQs

Software is constantly going through evolutionary changes and GoProof is no exception.

Recently we refreshed the proofing zone to make collaboration much easier, which involved repositioning icons, changing button labels and enhancing the overall UI when proofing work.

And we’ve added French and German language translations to this area of the software to help global customers approve work faster.

(There’s now a translation widget on the main website too - shout out to our Nordic customers!).

Our incredible Customer Success Team is a major part of the change process. They totally love it. Many enhancements come directly from their customer conversations, which adds to the feel-good factor on release.

There’s one key task though that every software company has to do whenever new software is released. And that’s updating support and training media.

Yeah, even the unicorns struggle to keep documentation fresh.

So it’s time for some big props to our team as we announce the new GoProof Support Centre is live, marking the first phase of getting all our documentation right up to date.

Go check it out now:

So the first thing to notice is we’ve moved all the support documentation to its own subdomain.

This makes it easier for us to categorise the help sheets for you and make suggestions on what other information might be relevant to what you’re searching for.

There are six key categories to tap into:

  • Getting Started
  • Sending a Proof
  • Collaborating on a Proof
  • Receiving Feedback and Change Requests
  • Managing My Account
  • FAQs

Each one is easily accessible from the support home page and covers all the main functions and workflows you’ll find in GoProof.

For example, if you are a proof sender using Adobe® Creative Cloud® and want to learn how to use the free extension, see the Sending a Proof category or jump straight to How do I send a proof?

Similarly, for collaborators who want to learn how to quickly request changes from the proof sender, see Collaborating on a Proof or go direct to How do I review a proof?

It should be much clearer now but do hook us up if you have any comments.

We hope the new support site makes your GoProof experience much better and gives you quick answers to any questions.

As always, our team is available on email or via Chat through our website during opening hours.

And do let us know if there’s a question you can’t get answers for, so we can help you out personally then get some documentation added for it.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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