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Website proofing software in GoProof makes it easy review online content

Website proofing and digital content collaboration in GoProof online proofing software is now better than ever, thanks to our July 2021 upgrade.

Requirements to review and approve websites, emails, programmatic ads, social media posts and more are off the chart as digital transformation continues at breakneck speed.

Proofing website pages is a daily campaign task for creative and marketing teams, with just the tiniest details and tweaks often making all the difference to engagement times, click-through rates and ultimately conversions.

That’s why we’re deepening our functionality for web proofing and enabling teams to collaborate on digital content in a simple, quick-snap way and get amazing online creative work published faster.


We’ve rebuilt the way web proofing works in GoProof to widen the scope to add more awesome features over the coming months. 

It’s being driven under the hood by our new Web Proofing browser extension, which you need to install only once so you can access web proofs (see below for more details).

Enter the URL of the web page or digital asset you wish to share

The initial process of sharing website pages is the same, so you first click the UPLOAD PROOF button top-right and then enter the web URL of the page or online asset you want to share in the field below the file drop zone.

Complete the Send for Proof wizard as normal, adding your collaborators and any other preferences for the review and then fire it away.

Collaborators pick up their invitation link to the proof through email, Slack, Asana or wherever they are notified on the web and land in the GoProof web app.

This is where our new functionality kicks in and makes the whole web proofing process so much easier.

When it’s a web proof, collaborators see a new green VIEW PROOF button with the web icon at the top of the proofing interface. They click this to open up the web proof in a new window that pops up in front of the interface.

At the bottom there’s a toolbar that overlays the window. Next to the GoProof icon on the left is a desktop icon, which is a neat function to help collaborators see what the website looks like on different screen surfaces.

GoProof’s simple, user-friendly way to proof websites and online content

Clicking the desktop icon throws up a menu with all the standard screen sizes that are available in the Inspect feature in Chrome for example. Mobile views can be switched between portrait and landscape orientation too.

Saving a web proof to make comments on is easy. 

Over on the right is the SAVE button. Collaborators simply click this when they are happy with the window they are viewing and GoProof snaps the window and captures it into the proofing interface.

The collaborator adds their comments in the normal way using the 11+ proofing tools, scribbling, highlighting, striking and @mentioning their fellow reviewers in a productive, open creative collaboration to take the work through to final version and approval.

We hope you love web proofing! And there’s more functionality to come making it even more awesome to use, so stay connected!



The browser extension works with the GoProof web app to deliver the richest and simplest user experience for collaborators.

To install it in Google Chrome, go here or search 'GoProof' on the Chrome web store and click Add to Chrome.

That’s it, the rest is done under the hood. 

Collaborators access web proofs as they normally would, clicking on email or shared web links to view the proof in the GoProof web app.

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