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Welcome to the Proofing Party, Account Managers

Hey everyone,Here’s a new option that creative teams using GoProof online proofing software are going to love: an ACCOUNT MANAGER role!


The role brings in a whole new hierarchy tier into your creative approval workflow. It’s ideal for advertising and creative agencies who prefer their account managers liaising with clients rather than exposing their designers to them.It means the client receives:

  • Proofs sent at the appropriate time
  • High quality content
  • Content that meets the brief
  • Email invitations from their Account Manager
  • No access to the design team


The Account Manager role is basically a person in the middle between the Publisher (the designer) and the Collaborator (the client) who takes over responsibility to send proofs across to clients.


The Account Manager receives artwork or design proofs submitted to them by the designer either through the Adobe CC add-on or via the export file Uploader. These arrive in their INBOX, which is a new main menu category visible to Account Managers only.

The Account Manager opens and views these proofs in the same way as normal but they now have two new options in the DONE button menu to use. 


The new REJECT option is for when the Account Manager is not happy with the proof in its current form and chooses to send the proof back to the designer.

This takes place before any client-side collaborators get involved and is completely hidden from them.

The designer then produces a new version of the proof for the Account Manager. This continues until the Account Manager is happy with the proof version.



Once happy, the Account Manager is basically in control of the document and can choose when to SEND the proof to the client or collaborator.

The email invitations will be personalized from them and they can invite whoever they choose to join the review, setting them as Gatekeepers, Reviewers or Observers.

At this point it becomes a normal review, with the Reviewers adding comments and Gatekeepers commenting, requesting changes and signing off as normal.If changes are requested, they push straight back to Publisher and the process starts again with the designer sending proofs to the Account Manager.


The Account Manager role is an upgrade option that can be bought and activated on multi-user GoProof systems.

If you would like to see a demo or get info about pricing and upgrade steps please reach us through

Using the Account Manager creative approval workflow is the perfect way to shield the design team from direct client engagement and ensures the client is getting the most professional service from your company.


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team

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