What Else Does Online Proofing Software Give Me?

What Else Does Online Proofing Software Give Me?

Collaboration and productivity benefits with online proofing software are great once they’re up and running. Sometimes, though, there’s more value in it than we realize.

Take a step back and look at what’s going on in your design world. See where online proofing software can solve some deeper pains and give you a welcome power-up. Here are some examples.

Mission creep – think of all the times your clients stretch the limits within your design projects. Control it using a standardized workflow for proofing and approval with time-tracking of each proof version, highlighting when and where their budget is being spent. Collect the evidence and audit trails to remove any objections.

Using freelancers and remote teams - online proofing software brings the design team closer together by creating a centralized place for everyone to check in and check out progress without messy email threads. If you’re thinking of looking at sites like Upwork, Freelancer or People Per Hour for some design help then this is the perfect way to manage it. Think also of teams spread across different sites or homes or countries and account managers who are field-based wanting visibility and status updates. By the way, we’ve got a new GoProof iOS and Android app coming soon to open this up even further.

Clients who want to be involved in absolutely everything – some clients leave you alone, others tell you where to put icons and how much drop shadow they want to see. Online proofing software such as GoProof regulates how much access you are prepared to give them and how often they can see designs or comment on them. It’s a compromise that suits both parties.

Sensitive information management – important projects with non-disclosure agreements need to be policed properly. Lock down the access and know exactly who is seeing your work using online proofing software and you’ll be safe and secure. It takes the risk out of emails being leaked or forwarded to the wrong people.

We’re always looking for opportunities to drum down on costs, increase efficiency and max the output from your studio through our software. We hope it’s helping.

We’d love to hear some of your comments or ideas where we can solve more problems!

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