What is the Best Proofing Software for Adobe?

What is the best proofing software for Adobe?

GoProof is the best proofing software for Adobe in 2019.

That’s what we truly believe - and here’s why.

We’ll start with our rich history of having developed Adobe integrations for 22 years, right from the pre-release of Adobe InDesign in 1997.

During these 22 years of experience as an Adobe developer, we’ve built a tight relationship with the Adobe creative team to drive extensibility for proofing and collaboration, as they have been focusing on their own product road maps.

The Creative Cloud Partner Team has invited us to exhibit at Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference again this year, which takes place November 4-6 in Los Angeles, CA.

So, that’s our credibility established but what about the product?

Put simply, it’s the depth of our integration with the most commonly used Adobe Creative Cloud apps that sets GoProof aside from the competition.

The GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud has been available now for over 3 years and is enriched with functionality to help Adobe users share proofs and collaborate better.

As we’ve been making Adobe extensions and plugins for 22 years, we know the user community and what they require in their day-to-day lives to improve productivity.

We’ve immersed a ton of intricate features and short-cuts within GoProof to make them work faster. They tell they save, on average, an hour every working day, which is over two whole billable days every month.

How to install proofing software for Adobe

How to install proofing software for Adobe


And then there’s the time savings for collaborators to factor in too, who incidentally don’t need Adobe licences to view work.

How the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud works

The GoProof extension is designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks for designers and connect them closer with their collaborators to approve amazing creative work faster than ever.

You download it from the Adobe Exchange and comes as one complete install package covering all 5 Creative Cloud products it integrates with. So when you install it in one CC app, it will automatically be available in the 4 others. You open it from the Windows > Extensions menu at the top.

We delivered on a dream and broke new ground in the creative community with GoProof. The extension panel wizard enables Adobe users to share their work directly from within their CC app and not have to export a file and use a separate system to email or file-share it around.

This was a huge new innovation for the industry back in 2016 and is still the foundation for GoProof’s success today. It literally saves hours for designers, as they can send a proof out, close the design down and then open their next one all without quitting their app.

Manage all creative proofs from inside Adobe Creative Cloud apps with GoProof

The extension panel manages all proofs and gives short-cut access to them, listing them with filters for clients, projects, proof status and more.

Part two of the process is the location of the design or video once it has been shared and how collaborators access it. This is where the GoProof web app comes in, providing a secure area for invited people to view a rendered version of the document or video proof, split into pages where required.

All the comments, file uploads, @mentions and ultimately decisions like requests for changes or sign off approvals are made here by collaborators and all of it is captured in real time by the GoProof cloud.

When changes are requested - and again this is where GoProof is the best proofing software for Adobe as it has powerful two-way synchronisation technology - all the feedback is pushed straight back into the designer’s Creative Cloud app via the GoProof extension panel.

The panel displays a zoomable copy of the collaborated web app image showing where comments or text changes have been made on the proof, so the designer can instantly see what’s been requested.

Then another unique and magical feature of GoProof’s Adobe extension: designers can use the interface to flick through each requested change one by one, choosing to either do it or reject it (giving reasons why).

Easily jump through the requested changes and log time spent on each one

Collaborators can make copy changes on proofs and these can be quickly added by designers using a single click of the APPLY button. It takes seconds and there are no Word documents or separate emails with text changes in sight.

Version management is maintained by GoProof as review rounds continue with the designer sharing new versions as soon as they’re ready, until one is signed off ready to be published.

The whole process is just so simple, because we’ve made it so.

And GoProof feels just like a natural part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, so there’s very little learning or skills development required to start using it.

GoProof list of Adobe Creative Cloud app integrations

Adobe InDesign
The first and definitely the most feature-rich GoProof integration is for Adobe InDesign, the print and publishing layout package. If you or your team uses InDesign, then the GoProof extension is an absolute no-brainer.

Adobe InCopy
Working in direct collaboration with InDesign, GoProof’s cloud InCopy workflow allows copywriters to co-work on stories, placing and editing their copy directly on InDesign document versions from wherever they are - and be a part of the creative journey throughout the review and approval process.

Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator users can easily submit multiple artboards for review at the same time and change their page numbers to names for easier collaboration.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Video producers and editors can share their Premiere Pro timeline for review without a manual export to MP4 process. Collaborators use a video player with scrubber to drop comments on the converted video with the unique option to set time ranges with the comment, which are captured back into Pr.

Adobe Photoshop
Photographers, web designers and digital marketers easily share image-based work with stakeholders through GoProof to collaborate on brand integrity and impact and keep a trail of version developments.


To see a free overview demo of the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, book a time on our calendar.

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