Why engaging people early to approve Adobe Creative Cloud work is so important

Why engaging people early to approve Adobe CC work is important

Launching a new campaign, website, media pack or whatever is generally great fun. Finding out you’re missing a key person in your Adobe CC design proofing chain isn’t.

You’ve got to the final version of your InDesign brochure project. You’re all happy. Even your kids dig it (they didn’t yawn and ask about food).

Then the bombshell. From out of nowhere swoops in a new player with the power to derail the entire design project until they’ve walked through the timeline themselves.

Time to reschedule those automations.

If you get away with starting from scratch you can still be forced to at least explain everything you’ve done and why, so that person can feel the milestones and live the decisions.

Our advice? Meticulously pick out and invite everyone needed early on in the process. Challenge their input. Confirm they have gatekeeper sign-off. Treat it like a salesperson would treat a sale by looking out for red flags and jumping right in to things that could go wrong without fearing the consequences.

This way you will save stress, confusion and mission creep and no-one feels left out or overruled. Clients will love it, and so will your boss, as they get a chance to have their say on a cool project. If if they don’t, it’s their own fault!

Good online proofing software like GoProof makes this even easier by sending invites to your contacts to comment or approve, choosing whether to give them Reviewer or Gatekeeper permissions.

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