DecoPac Cake Decorations and GoProof

GoProof is the prefect ingredient for DecoPac

Interview with Sarah Duncan, Creative Director, Publishing DecoPac.

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So we were using a different software solution for proofing and it was not fitting our needs.

It was housed in our facilities so it was  on-prem servers, so nobody could view it from the road when they are travelling. They had to be in the building or VPN into the server which was very clunky and slow.

And so we knew we needed something different and I started looking at options and GoProof - we did some testing on different solutions and we liked GoProof the best.

The commenting is STELLAR! All of my collaborators, they really love the commenting features.

They think it’s easy to use, it’s clear, it’s very intuitive. And my publishers [creative proof sender users e.g. designers, video producers], I really like that they can publish right out of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

It’s seamless. We’re so happy with it!

Being able to access it from wherever, if someone’s working from home they can view their proofs, if they’re on the road visiting customers they can view their proofs. There’s no slowdown in the routing time just because someone’s on site and unable to open up the program. It’s brilliant for that, in that regard.

Primarily my team uses Adobe InDesign but we’re looking at expanding GoProof out into our product team, so they’ll be publishing out of Adobe Illustrator far more often. 

I just did a project out of Illustrator last week and it was GREAT. It went really well.

My new person who’s leading the product team, she is excited about adding it to her team’s proofing regimen.

And I love that there’s just a panel inside InDesign or Illustrator that has all the comments there. We can click through them, approve or reject them on the fly while we’re making our changes. I think that’s really nice for consistency and we don’t miss any changes. Or if we do, it’s on purpose.

Being able to publish right out of the program is really helpful. We like the versioning, so that you can click on OPEN right in the panel and it opens the right file, brings you back to where you are, brings you right to the comment, the right page - and, yeah, it’s very nice to use!

Oh my god, we used to do paper routing back when I started and the time saved - I don’t have a metric on it - but it’s significant and the hassle factor is HUGE, like the lack of hassle is immeasurable, really. People like using it!

DecoPac Cake Decorations and GoProof

So previously we would route paper copies and mark them up with pens and toggle between their pen and their screen or with our previous software solution they’d toggle between their screen and their data management system. In the old system the commenting was terrible! It was just terrible. 

Oh my god, the @mentioning! I love the @mentioning. I love that it opens up the proof again if someone’s already gone into the proof and hey get @mentioned it opens up that comment to them again and they can answer their question or refer to that question. 

That’s amazing. I love that feature. Because sometimes somebody gets asked a question after they’ve already approved a file. It’s great.

I love the Highlight one [proofing tool] because it doesn’t block anything but I have people who do a lot of Pinning, and I have people who do Boxes, and I have people who do the Strike, but Highlighting is my favourite to use.

[ The GoProof service ] Oh absolutely - friendly, informative, personable. I’ve had no issues dealing with anybody at your company.

I recommend it [ GoProof ]. I think it’s useful, I like the price! I think I’m just happy with it! SO happy with it!


Sarah Duncan was talking to Emerson Welch, Marketing Director of GoProof. If you would like to share your own experience of GoProof under our Spotlight, please reach out to with your contact details and an idea of what you’d like to share with the GoProof community.

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