InDesigner users can now send page ranges for review

Yes Yes YES, InDesigners! Send page ranges for proof

So who’s using GoProof and InDesign? You are? Great. You’re gonna love this. It’s a great way to proof only a selection of pages from your documents rather than sending the whole shebang.

  • More flexibility for large publications and issues
  • Faster Send Proof processing from InDesign
  • Quicker file viewing in GoProof
  • Multiple designers proofing the same document
  • Clarity on exactly what needs proofing

Our unique Adobe CC add-on allows you to share your .INDD work for proof directly from your design panel in InDesign. It creates a .jpg snapshot of the work and pushes it into a shared online space for collaboration, so you don’t have to keep exporting PDFs and emailing them all the time.

If you haven’t got this set up already, get the CC add-on from the Adobe Store, install it and go to Windows > Extensions from your InDesign menu to get started. By the way, if you have Ps and Ai installed this will automatically put the add-on panel in there too.

Previously to our latest release (live now), when you sent an InDesign file for proof, every page of the document was shared with collaborators.Not ideal, we know! So we fixed it.

GoProof Page Selector

Now when you send a proof from the InDesign panel, you’ll see a new option to select a page range. You can either leave All selected or click on the Range radio button.

Next to Range, there is a bracketed number telling you how many pages there are in the document. Simply type in your range of sequential page numbers using a hyphen e.g. 3-4 and carry on through the send wizard as normal (split pages are proofed separately).

GoProof Page Selector

It’s all ready to go now in GoProof and remember, our CC add-on automatically updates, so you don’t need to install a new version!

Enjoy the new page range feature folks and please leave any comments below.

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