Zoom into a web proofing conference

Zoom into a GoProof video call and get everyone proofing together

Group video chats and web conferences are lifesavers for many office-based teams right now.

The likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams have seen their usage skyrocket to unprecedented levels since the COVID-19 global outbreak.

For some, it’s nothing new, for others it’s a totally transformational way of working. But for many of us, this may well become the future normal.

Video conferencing is 90% of the way there to being sat in the same room as your colleagues. The missing 10% is in the air, the aura, the hidden body language that you read when you’re engaging with someone. 

But there’s no doubt that for team-loving members of staff that like those human interactions and people feels, it’s going to be a long-term winner.

Consider video calling in an online proofing context and you can really play GoProof to its strengths and create an awesome team huddle bang for your buck.

Here’s how you do it.

Instead of each person adding their own comments on their GoProof profile separately, book a meeting time, send out the invitations and Zoom into a proofing video call.

One of the Gatekeepers can act as the comment taker and everyone can look at that person’s shared screen.

Then… collaborate away and have fun together! You can see the white in everyone’s eyes like it’s a coffee and croissant meeting in the office but you still get all the comments recorded in the usual way.

The Gatekeeper can @mention the collaborator who raised the specific piece of feedback so that it’s traceable on who said what.

GoProof video conference using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or others
Home-based staff can start a GoProof video conference using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or others.

Don’t forget you can share control of the screen.

So if a collaborator wanted to draw a line, a box, highlight an area or use any of the proofing tools, they can just smash it down right there in front of everyone.

Right, so now you have your proof with everyone’s comments, markups and annotations firmly locked in, it’s over to the Gatekeeper to REQUEST CHANGES. 

This sends them all back to the creative or proof sender to produce a new version of the proof, exactly as normal. This works for PDF / PNG / MP4 proofing or for workflows using the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

The creative designer or proof sender will capture all the comments in the usual way and then produce the new version. 

Then it’s up to you guys and what to do next: Zoom in again or get it signed off through the regular workflow.

The choice is yours and you have the technology at your fingertips to unite the team and bring everyone together whenever you feel it would be nice to do so.



The GoProof Team

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