Zoom on Collaborator Markups in Adobe CC Add-On to see Comments

Here’s a feature that will sing sweet nothings to designers and video producers using the GoProof Adobe Creative Cloud add-on for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

Zooming into the proof visual to see markups up close.

The tiniest markups can sometimes be difficult to interpret 100% accurately when using the regular display size in the add-on. Especially on text-heavy proofs.

When a proof is returned back to the Adobe CC creative user who sent the proof asking them to produce a new version - status Changes Requested - a visual thumbnail of the proof arrives back into the add-on with the markups on it.

Our new zoom feature improves visibility of it, allowing the creative to get in closer to the visual and see exactly what the comment is and precisely where it sits.


The example above is a simple illustration on how you can easily move in to see a markup more closely.

So imagine your more detailed documents with a ton of small print text on it. All those Strikes over small words can appear to merge together when you look at the visual from a distance.

Get in close and it’s so much easier. Single letter words changes like ‘a’ to ‘an’ are now a walk in the park for creatives with the zoom function.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Team


Adobe Creative Cloud, Collaboration, Graphic Design, Markups, Proofing Software, Video Review


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