Share your ideas with us

Got an awesome idea to make GoProof better? Drop it in the form and we’ll take a look!

Where does my proofing software idea go?

Ideas submitted through the form above are instantly passed straight through to our Customer Success Team to look at.

At the same time, they are collated in a working list which is regularly reviewed by all the relevant departments to ensure everyone is aware of the suggestion and what the wider creative community is looking for in their proofing software.

So what happens with my idea?

On receipt of the idea, the first action our Customer Success Team takes is to see if we already have a solution or option to help with the issue raised.

It may be that the issue has already been solved using an alternative method or workflow, which we will communicate with you right away and make sure you understand how to use it.

‍Will my idea make it to release?

We’d love to be able to build and release every single new request we get. Seriously, it would be the customer utopia for us.

As with any software company though, we have to carry out an evaluation process, where we think about system integration, global customer demand, time required for development and priority against other requests and booked in road map items.

Whatever happens, we’ll be back in touch to talk through our evaluation and work closely with you to reach your goals.

And remember, there are no limits to how many suggestions you can make, so keep sending them through!

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