Taking collaboration to the next level

Taking collaboration to the next level

New ways to work more efficiently and inspire amazing design

In this ebook we help you scrub out some hard-baked inefficiencies and upgrade your creative approval process to level awesome.

Learn how to make the design journey more chilled and tap into that top 5% of everyone’s creative ability. Share new assets easier, get the designer’s expert opinion on reviews, integrate deeper with Adobe Creative Cloud and more!

It’s all in this great ebook. Download it for free now!

For more background into creative collaboration, download our free ebook: What is creative collaboration?

Mind-blowing ideas shared openly

If we have found proven ways for the creative community to improve together, why wouldn’t we share them?

We believe in openness. In COLLABORATION. 

That’s why our ebook is totally free and explores, with video examples, areas such as how to lock down sensitive content during the review process - without compromising on user experience.

It's full of hints, tips and tricks

Here’s another top tip for you.

Do you share pieces of work for review as individual files like PDFs, PNGs and JPGs or other single file? That doesn’t sound too efficient... right?

Learn how it makes smart sense to send proofs together and present them as a combined project rather than on their own, and save your collaborators a ton of time.

These are just two for starters. There’s more. Go take a look for yourself.

Do you want to learn more?

Let us walk you through the key functions, features and benefits

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