What is online proofing?

What is online proofing?

Understand the value of online proofing

Our What is online proofing? ebook explores why proofing processes needed to change and what the key reasons right now are for adopting a modern, web-based workflow.

You’ll learn what the real bottom line value is to your business and how to measure it financially, via collaboration and through productivity or output.

The ROI is clear and obvious, which is why thousands of companies rely on it to streamline their processes, release bottlenecks and free up resources.

Do you need it?

We help you figure out if you need to bring an online proofing software system into your tech stack.

There are a ton of pain points and aspirational gains to evaluate in this ebook, helping you recognise the triggers to answer the big question.

And they’re all presented in a simple to understand way, so that you’re not being blinded by terminology or jargon.

After reading this, you’ll know what to do.

Mind-blowing ideas shared openly

There are two sides to the fence to consider with online proofing: sending work out and gathering feedback.

This ebook looks at the huge span of industries, sectors, job titles and key responsibilities for all those who are involved in the proofing process and explains who the big winners are and how to make sure it becomes a natural tool for everyone.

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