Why you should be using Adobe InCopy in your content creation process

Why you should be using Adobe InCopy in your content creation process

Learn how to make your designer and copywriter relationships better than ever

Collaboration in today’s marketing teams is uber important.

If you want to achieve perfect content harmony and the best creative results, every step in the content process needs to be assessed, especially at the copywriting to graphic design stage.

In this free ebook, GoProof explains in detail how the often unsung Adobe Creative Cloud® product InCopy® can be used to make submitting and collaborating copy for InDesign® documents an absolute dream.

It’s an essential read – and it’s totally free. Download your copy right now.

You can upgrade your productivity, easily

Adobe InCopy was launched just a year after Adobe InDesign was released, so it’s a long term Creative Cloud player with a big history.

In this ebook, we’ll explain why it’s still super-important in the core creative flow. 

You’ll understand how to make it fit just right in yours, delivering incremental productivity gains almost instantly.

Slicker workflows

Think cloud-based working, always-on connectivity, deeper collaboration and levelled-up version control and you’ll start getting the picture on how Adobe InCopy impacts your org-wide workflow.

This new mezzanine of power is huge and can be KPI-measured for both quick wins and long term gains across the creative and marketing departments.

Grab this ebook today and find out how other successful teams are reaping the rewards from a cloud-based Adobe InCopy and Adobe inDesign strategy.

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