Upload, share, review and approve Adobe CC files and exports

Everyone can be a part of the creative journey with GoProof and the web portal is where the magic happens. Your creative geniuses share their drafts with collaborators and receive totally natural feedback thanks to the proofing tools and request new versions. This teamwork and togetherness produces the kind of document, video and web page work you’ve never seen from your team before.

No more PDF exports for Adobe CC users

We’ve made every Adobe CC designer’s dream come true.

You can use the GoProof add-on for Adobe Creative Cloud to directly share proofs from Id, Ps or Ai panels. Design content is instantly available for anyone to view online WITHOUT having to export a PDF every time you make a change.

Reviewers comment directly on your shared content and not on separate PDFs, so you can cut stress and save your mental and physical energy for the gym.

Get ready for some team love and make your design process faster, unified and crystal clear.


There are times when you just need to upload and share creative exports fast, so team members can readily collaborate on design files like PDFs and JPGs.

If you don’t use Adobe CC, use our Uploader. It’s the most convenient way to send export proofs for collaboration.

You can use an iPad or mobile device, so you don’t need to be at your desktop. And you still capture all the reactions, feedback, comments, inspiration and compliments in one easy online place.

You’ve got the best of both worlds with GoProof.


Discover how to simplify your proofing process by using GoProof totally free for 2 weeks!