So what’s going on with my files?

Have you ever noticed your Adobe InDesign document getting crazy bigger every time you save it?

And we mean way bigger than it should be with just a few new images or text frames added?

This shocking jump in file size is called bloating. It usually comes down to your document storing metadata, also known as ancestry data in this case, which you simply don’t need.

It’s old, redundant data that layers up from previous versions of the document. So you’re basically constructing a skyscraper when you only need a bungalow.

Don’t worry, we fixed it.


Metafix is a plugin for InDesign, an Adobe Creative Cloud product.

Once installed into InDesign the Metafix interface pops up automatically when you save a document that has bloated files and shows which ones they are in a neat list.

You select which ones you want – all of them ideally – and clean them up with Metafix in just a few clicks, massively reducing the size of your document.

It’s that simple. And it’s a lifesaver.


You’ll be amazed at how much your files shrink with Metafix.

Imagine those shared workflows where you have a team of designers working on different pages of the same InDesign document. Every time they check in work, the file size increases beyond anyone’s expectations.

This bloating drastically slows down the document performance. It takes longer to open and is harder to work on collaboratively, thanks to all that hanging and buffering. It’s so frustrating.

Metafix wipes out all that wasted file space to make your document feel so much better to work on.

It’s your friend again.