Workflow software for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy

GoCopy's cloud-based workflow software empowers copywriters to easily submit and edit content directly on InDesign documents

Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy connect like never before

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
The GoCopy apps for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy make content layout production an absolute breeze. GoCopy’s cloud workflow is the final piece of the jigsaw that creates a magic portal between the two.

No more emailing InDesign documents around or using file-drops and DAM systems. Right from inside your app, just hit send and GoCopy does the rest.Copywriters submit and edit with full visual on the layout. Designers just place the copy on their document with no cut and paste or reformatting.

It couldn’t be easier.
For more information on the InDesign and InCopy workflow, read: 'What is Adobe InCopy and why you should be using it'.

How GoCopy reinvents your workflow

Cloud Based

No linked file issues or connectivity problems


Always on, always accessible for everyone


Submit, edit and share story content together


View the full InDesign layout and see edits on the document


In-built versioning and restoring, with backups

It's right in your basket

Assigning and managing content is easy with GoCopy.

The magic part? Everyone has their own basket to drop into.

Copywriters have their own private basket where they write their stories. It’s local to their machine, so they can save, go offline and come back later.

Depending on the workflow, a story is either assigned to them from the designer’s document or they start their own fresh one using an InCopy template.

When they’re done writing, it’s just a couple of clicks to submit the story to the designer’s basket and get it instantly placed on the InDesign document.

No extra formatting or styling required. Quick and easy.
GoCopy workflow

Simple and easy to use

GoCopy is an extension for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy.

Once installed, it runs inside your software as an extension panel. You use it to send content between the two products in either direction when you’re ready.

Designers and copywriters can work locally using the same style sheets, paragraph and character styles. For copywriters, this means they are essentially working on the actual InDesign document itself.

The GoCopy cloud makes all the hard work of passing content through from one app to the other super easy.

No more linked file issues or connectivity problems. Just simple working in the true content environment with crystal clear visibility.

Seamless versioning and editing process

GoCopy’s value is enabling fluidity of content.

If edits need to be made and a new version produced, just repeat the process. Simple.

Designers go drop stories back into baskets and get them back from copywriters when they’re done.

All version history is saved on both sides, so copywriters can step back to previous versions to restore them if they change their minds.

No more emailing and transferring content across apps and then reformatting again and again.

How does that sound? Good, right?

For more information on the InDesign and InCopy workflow, read: 'What is Adobe InCopy and why you should be using it'.

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