The GoProof copy editor

Typos. Grammar fixes. Word changes. Easily submitted as a comment.

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
How GoProof works

Oh, snap! Here you go

The GoProof Copy Editor is a revelation for collaborators.

They can make whatever changes they want to the text-framed copy on the document proof. Words can be deleted, replaced or added like any other text editor.

Only with GoProof, they get delivered right back to the proof sender’s Adobe InDesign document.

It makes fixing copy without Word documents or email trails possible.
GoProof Copy Editor

How it works for designers

All the text frames on the Adobe InDesign document are automatically made editable for collaborators as a default.

Designers choose who to send the proof to and then fire it away using the free GoProof extension.

The requested copy edits land back into the extension all separated out, ready for quick and easy placement into the document.

And they’re dropped straight in with a click. No typing required. Music to designers’ ears.

Cut 50% of your editing time

GoProof rethinks the whole copy editing process and keeps the focus on creativity. Get more time back in your day. Experience up to 50% efficiency savings by cutting out those time-consuming email and phone call exchanges.

Everyone loves some more me time.

No Adobe Creative Cloud Licences needed for collaborators

GoProof places the content from InDesign in front of collaborators on the GoProof website portal. The don’t need Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy or any other Adobe Creative Cloud product to view and edit.

And remember, you can invite as many collaborators as you want. Literally. You just need their email address.

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