Insights reporting dashboard

Dive deep into your proofing process. The Insights reporting dashboard brings clarity to your proofing activity.

Insights is an interactive dashboard for diving deep into the combined proofing activity of your designers and clients, giving you vital information on how profitable your projects are and whether you should be charging more!

Are you working for free?

It’s the dreaded mission creep. When a project drags and goes way beyond the agreed scope with extra changes, versions and review cycles.

In the GoProof Adobe CC add-on, designers can add their time spent on each change. Insights extracts that information into a single report, so you can see how much you’ve been working for free and fix it right there.

Insights puts an end to swallowed costs and lost profit.

Quote more accurately

Thanks to the visibility gained from Insights in GoProof you can make sure your future quotes are both fair and profitable.

You know how much time you spent on the last project or in a date range period and how it impacted your business. Compare that to the original quote and this time around make allowances for the extra demands that the client puts on you.

Futureproof your business with Insights.

Track the workload of your designers

The truth of your design team’s workload becomes clear with Insights. The evidence is right there in front of you.

Key performance data shown up by Insights gives a true feel for the strain and effort they are under and helps you manage their workload more effectively.

Deep dive by designer name to see what projects they are working on, how much time they’ve spent and how many new versions they’ve had to produce. Allocate creative work that fits their speed and skillset.

Get the most from your design team and make your clients happier than ever.

Shine a spotlight on clients

The flexible filtering tools on the Insights dashboard make it fast and easy for account managers to shine a spotlight on targeted clients.

Quickly see key performance metrics like how many new document versions have been created, who loves making comments the most and what’s the average number of reviews per project.

Insights makes account management so much easier.

Know if you’re working for free
Spot who your most demanding clients are
Shine spotlights on specific client activity

Get visibility of time spent
See which designers take the longest
Gain critical info to help calculate profitability


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