Invite unlimited collaborators to proof

It’s all about collaboration, right? So why restrict it?
GoProof is loved by clients as it’s just so easy to get started. And there’s no restriction on how many people can review content.

No collaborator limits

GoProof® is all about collaboration, so why stop people from contributing? Go ahead, invite as many collaborators as you want.

No account setups

All collaborators do is click a link on an email invitation. They don’t have to set up an account, manage passwords or log in every time they are invited to view a proof.

How collaborator roles work

It's eay to assign proofing responsibilities in GoProof and make the approval process smoother for everyone

Graphic designers, account managers or anyone who shares content for review are called Publishers. Publishers invite the initial people to view proofs when sending their first version, giving them a specific type of user role.

Observers simply look at proofs without submitting any comments on them. This read-only access is ideal for occasional sharing or allowing someone to see proofs without affecting the review process.

Reviewers are clients, colleagues and others who receive invitations from Publishers to view proofs and give feedback on them. This is the standard role.

Gatekeepers are like Reviewers but with more responsibility. They can send proofs back to Publishers to request new versions and have the authority to sign proofs off once they are happy with them. Gatekeepers can also invite more people to see proofs and change user roles if required.

Comments and mark-ups

Once collaborators are invited, their review status is displayed next to the proof, so everyone knows who has seen, not seen, completed, requested changes or signed a proof off. And if they are slow to respond, send them a Nudge!

Attachments can be added to comments, which helps with image suggestions and a way to exchange files such as replacement logos.

Easy to read comment threads
A wide range of proofing mark-up tools
Add attachments to comments

‘Nudge’ collaborators to respond
See collaborator status e.g. Seen or Not Seen
Change roles on each proof round


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