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GoPublish Enterprise is the next generation collaboration software for managing print publication layouts and design workflows.
GoPublish flat planning

Discover the new way to create print publications

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
GoPublish helps you design the ultimate reader experience for your audience in every issue you produce.

Planning the layout and trying to figure out which content goes where is not a chore anymore.

This a beautiful way for you to leave spreadsheets and manually-created layout documents behind and start dragging and dropping features, advertorials, adverts and inserts exactly where you want them on a visual flat plan.

Sales teams and senior staff can drop in and take a look whenever they want. You can invite clients to review their paid content designs to give feedback, request changes and sign off using GoProof.

See how GoPublish harmonises your production, saves hours in planning and reduces costly errors in final print by requesting a demo today.

What you can do with the GoPublish products

Work from a centralised flat plan layout

Create a shared space for everyone to access, view and edit real-time-updated content plans together without printing off pages and passing a folder around.

Reserve category spaces on the plan

Create and arrange the plan with editorial and paid adverts and allow sales teams to place the advertiser’s name on the plan to clearly show who has reserved space.

Drag and reposition content easily

Forget printing pages or handing around folders. Fire up GoPublish and allow your authorised users to move pages around, swap content sections and make edits directly on the flat plan.

Check in and out via Adobe InDesign

Assign as many designers as you want to the project giving them specific pages to work on, allowing them to submit creative directly through the GoPublish extension for Adobe InDesign.

Manage the artwork status

See which categories and advert spaces are waiting on artwork or if a proof needs to be signed off by the client.

Review with clients and stakeholders

Through our leading proofing software GoProof, invite clients and internal stakeholders to comment on the creative designs, request changes and sign it off when they’re happy.

Track production and department costs

Editorial teams can easily track the jobs they subcontract out to other departments and keep tabs on their costs.


Create the page layout, add the artwork and feel the true reader experience

Create a visual flat plan that everyone can see

GoPublish flat planning software brings a visual experience to laying out publications.

The technical spreadsheet lists and old school coffee-stained paper printouts have been left well behind. So has a single Adobe InDesign document which is manually updated with artwork.

In its place is a centralised, interactive flat plan. One that brings designers, stakeholders and clients together.

See the page structure. View the artwork. Get a true sense of how the reader will feel when turning the pages.

This is GoPublish. This is the future.

Insert new pages, drag them around, out and back in

You’re going to save hours with GoPublish on page optimisations.

It’s easy to say ‘Let’s see the advertorial on pages 6 and 7 instead.’ Just get hold of the pages and drag them across the plan to reposition them. Done. Instantly.

And if the plan is full, use the drop zone above the plan to take them out, reposition the others and then drop them back into their new home.

It couldn’t be easier. It even refolios the page numbers back to your InDesign documents.

Feel your publication right from the start

Getting immersed with your issue as early as possible helps create one to remember.

GoPublish has different flat plan views to switch between including page flip and page thumbnail.

Your team can use them to get a reader experience electronically or on paper print-out as soon as page copy and artwork is added.

It’s so much easier to make key decisions to optimise the reader journey.

Create layout templates, content types and custom feature sizes

Advertorial, editorial, adverts, full-page, half-page – content within publications varies every issue, so your flat plan needs to be flexible.

The file structure holds your work by client and publication with a template library for saved layouts, ready to quickly produce future issues.

All content types can be drawn, categorised and colour-coded with the name of your advertiser clearly marked on the flat plan, so it’s easy to see what space is available, who has booked it and where bound inserts are being given away.

Refresh, glance and get the picture. Right there.


Creatives are always connected to the flat plan through the GoPublish plugin for Adobe InDesign

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Check artwork into the plan directly from Adobe InDesign

Creative designers using InDesign save a ton of time with GoPublish.

There’s no need to export PDFs, combine them together and share them around on email or file service.

Designers work on their own Adobe InDesign documents in the normal way. When ready, they check them into the plan through the plugin which displays their artwork on the visual for everyone to see.

At the same time, it backs a copy up to the server and auto-creates a PDF for the ad sales team or anyone else to grab from the plan.

Manage page layouts using Adobe InDesign documents

The GoPublish plugin for InDesign is the go-between for .indd documents and the centralised flat plan in GoPublish.

Thanks to the client and issue structure, everything is nicely organised, making it easy to find and open documents from different plans.

Assign issue pages to documents in your pallet. Set start and end dates for submission. Stay updated with real-time updates such as ‘With Editorial’ or ‘Out for Review’ against page artwork.

It’s so efficient, you can forget about the admin and just focus on creating amazing reader experiences.

Design in collaborative harmony

Having awareness of what’s going on around you is great, right?

GoPublish gives you it in spades. You know what pages are being worked on and by whom. And when they are due. And what status they are at.

If someone’s working on a page, nobody else can overwrite it or check it out of the plan, reducing errors and content loss.

It’s a designer dream.
One of the biggest pains of flat planning – especially for large catalogues – is having to constantly change the folio when pages move around.

GoPublish has got this all sewn up. It’s automatic, reacting to any changes to the flat plan made from inside GoPublish, saving hours in menial design work.

Designers can do it themselves too from the plugin, using a quick update function to update the page numbers after reordering the pages.

And we’ve thrown in a versioning process for Adobe InDesign page documents. Designers can easily step back to previous iterations of pages. Neat.
Getting feedback on publication designs couldn’t be easier.

The Send for Proof option from within the Adobe InDesign document opens the link to GoProof, a global leader in proofing and collaboration software that just so happens to be the sister product of Oppolis.

You even proof PDFs, PNGs and videos if you want to discuss briefs or conference call recordings in the same project space.

Awesome PDF output functions for print

PDFs can be collected by anyone approved from the flat plan or just exported as normal from the design document.

And this next bit is super-cool. Using your Adobe InDesign Job Options, GoPublish can be scheduled to output PDFs that align with the status of the document.

So for example, if the document status changes to Ready for Print, the next time a PDF is collected from the plan it will be a hi-res print ready one with all the crops, bleeds and trimmings.

The productivity goes further if you have third party add-on software connected for preflight. If a PDF fails a flight check, GoPublish automatically removes the PDF so it can’t be output to the printer. No messed up fonts or oversets.

It’s a huge failsafe that happens without you even worrying about it.

Go get some rest.


Comment, request changes and sign off flat plan designs together in one place

Centralised creative collaboration through GoProof.

Getting coordinated feedback with clear next actions is easy with GoPublish.

Thanks to its full integration with GoProof online proofing software, creatives can share designs for review and manage the whole process through the GoProof ecosystem.

GoProof shares the creative documents with collaborators on its secure website portal, which you can customise into your own brand.

It sends email and mobile app push notifications to whoever you want to view, make comments and take action on the proof, which can be requesting a new version or signing it off.

GoProof is a market leader, and GoPublish is its sister.

Now that’s convenient.
Unlimited collaborators with different proofing roles.

You may only want one or two of your collaborators to make decisions on a proof but many more to give an opinion on it.

GoProof has a choice of three roles to assign to collaborators: Observer, Reviewer and Gatekeeper. Observers just look at proofs, whilst Reviewers can view and make comments on them.

Gatekeepers are the decision makers who can request a new version to be created or sign off the proof when they are happy.

It’s totally flexible and you can invite as many collaborators as you want. They don’t even need an Adobe InDesign licence to view work.

Send proofs directly from Adobe InDesign

GoPublish has a neat integration for Adobe InDesign users.

Sharing designs for review from inside your .indd document is as easy as Right Click > Send to GoProof. A wizard opens up, allowing you to customise the review and choose who to send it to.

GoProof does the rest in effortless style, converting your InDesign document – including all the pages or just a range if you want – into PNGs and sharing them with your collaborators on secure website.

They don’t need an Adobe licence or a GoProof account to view the proof, unless you want to add password protection, that is. And it’s a cinch to use when they get there.

The real win? You get all the changes landing back into your InDesign document ready for you to step through.

Yep, you heard it right.

Pick from 11 proofing tools and add attachments

Collaborators are free to fully express their thoughts and ideas on the proof.

There are a range of proofing tools to choose from including Pin, Draw, Strike, Highlight and Box. The Question tool uses @Mentioning technology to tag in other collaborators, so you can trigger a conversation with them right there.

Comment threads play out and are tracked next to the proof, as is the version history. And if they have a new image or linked document to discuss, they can attach it to their comment to keep all collaboration in one tidy place.

Copy Editor for text changes on InDesign proofs

There’s a killer feature in GoProof for copywriters and editors when you send InDesign proofs.

Called the Copy Editor, it allows designers to select text boxes on the InDesign document and make the editable for collaborators when they view the proof.

No more separate emails and Word documents with a ton of changes – just let them tap it into the proof and you’ll get them straight back into your document.

Get visibility of hours worked with Insights

Creative design for publications is not a fast job. Even the slightest of changes can take hours to get right.

Say hello to Insights in GoProof, a reporting engine that tracks all the design time spent on InDesign rework and compiles it all into a configurable dashboard.

Dive into a library of stats and view them by client and issue, giving you the chance to compare time spent vs how much you’ve billed them for. Drill down on each of your designers to see which ones are getting good deals and raw deals.

Insights shines a spotlight on your design rework activity, arming you with precious decision-making information to take back to your clients.


Always see what pages are available to sell, move around and proof with clients

Stay up to date with all available and reserved space

GoPublish makes life easy for sales people. And let’s face it, that makes everyone’s life easier!

By keeping the flat plan in one central place, members of the advertising sales team can drop into the issue at any time and see what’s going on.

They can easily see what’s been sold or held, spot which pages are still available and make price decisions on filling them based on their publishing deadlines.

All without coming in to office to scribble in a folder.

Track page targets and sales orders

At the start of any new issue, page targets are set to achieve maximum revenue and diversity of content.

GoPublish helps sales teams plan and execute this with total confidence.It keeps tabs on pages reserved for advertorials, adverts, inserts and other types of sellable content within the plan interface, with unique reference and sales order numbers.

And once targets are set – say 48 pages of a 96-page magazine – you can see what’s actually been sold against what’s been allocated.

So for example, you may have an Actual of 38 against a target of 48 with 2 days remaining until publication.

Go get those last 10 pages sold!

Increase or reduce pages based on demand

It’s so easy to reconfigure issue layouts to meet client or management demands.

Sales staff can ask administrators to add more pages into the plan when they exceed advert targets, which they can do in just a couple of clicks.

Conversely, if expectations are overly-ambitious, pages can easily be deleted from the plan and any content types changed or moved around to retain the positive flow of the issue.

It’s quick and flexible, improving sales, editorial and production team collaboration.

Grab shareable PDFs straight from the plan

'Can we see it before it goes to print?'

Sales teams get asked all the time, so it needs to be an easy task for them to carry out.

GoPublish takes all the legwork out of it, as the ad team can rip a PDF straight from the plan and share it with their clients whenever they want.

They get peace of mind knowing it’s totally up to date with the latest page layout and creative artwork, so there are no nasty surprises when the issue is published.

Relax guys, you’re in control.


Editorial teams can manage extra jobs required by production from inside projects

Clear collaboration between editorial and production

Open collaboration across departments helps everyone achieve their goals. Especially so when editorial need to farm page work out to production.

Certain pages require a job for production to be assigned, such as an Adobe Photoshop® cut-out, a retouch or a laser proof.

GoPublish allows editorial and production teams to transfer and lock ownership of these jobs to each other whilst retaining the link to the original document.

Visibility of job progress in one simple interface list.

It solves all the ‘what’s happening with that task’ issues, breathing confidence across the whole operation in delivering high quality publications on time.

Track production status changes

When jobs or tasks are requested for pages on a document, the sheet is checked out to production – essentially switching ownership to them.

The team categorises the task with a broad production status such as ‘Corrections’ or ‘Back from Repro’ and then gives it a workflow production status from their customised list, such as ‘Retouching Images’ or ‘Managing Colours’.

The production team updates the status as page work progresses, so editorial can clearly see where it’s at and when it’s due to be completed.

So much better than sending chase emails all the time.

View the history and creative journey of pages

When jobs or tasks are carried out, a history is built up of the journey from allocation to completion.

GoPublish users can view the trail in a pop-up window list with thumbnail artwork alongside, making it a cinch to see the changes made by each production work centre.

Version numbers are retained and a PDF can be exported with a single click for closer inspection.

Charge tasks to cost centres

No-one works for free!

Many jobs that seem simple require extra work that carries an incremental cost to the production department.

Tasks can be marked as chargeable by production, so accounts can analyse the project and allocate project charges across the cost centres to match the effort.

Credit where credit’s due.

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