Looking for an alternative to TrueEdit?

GoPublish is a document workflow software solution that drives design team collaboration from anywhere on magazine and publication layouts.

Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy connect like never before

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
GoPublish for Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy makes content layout production an absolute breeze. GoPublish’s cloud workflow is the final piece of the jigsaw that creates a magic portal between the two.

No more emailing InDesign documents around or using file-drops and DAM systems. Right from inside your app, just hit send and GoPublish does the rest. Copywriters submit and edit with full visual on the layout. Designers just place the copy on their document with no cut and paste or reformatting.

It couldn’t be easier.
Document workflow
“For the past ten years we've been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management. Not only is the software exceptional value for money - providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow - the support we receive is always first rate. ”
Barry Davidson
John Brown Media

Design in the cloud, together, from anywhere

GoPublish is a dream come true for home or remote-based designers.

No more emailing files around or fixing broken links. GoPublish is a design workflow that's natural and fluid, with one central place for everyone to collect and manage their content.

Through the GoPublish, Adobe InDesign creatives easily work together on the same document from wherever they are.

If you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t matter. You’re in the office.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Lock out content to creatives

GoPublish is not another Dropbox of Google Drive. It's got something special for publishers. File locking.

You want to know who's in the document, right? And what part they're working on? Now you can.

Creatives are assigned content within the document to work on. GoPublish automatically locks the content out to them, so no-one else can access it whilst they're doing their magic.

You're going to need to wait until Maria has finished the front cover layout before adding your illustration.

Work local. It's faster.

Incredible speed and productivity make designing so much easier.

That's why in GoPublish everyone still works on their local machine and not directly in the cloud.

Creatives draw down their assigned content from the cloud through the Adobe InDesign extension and then work on it locally at optimum performance and reliability.

When they're done, they push it back up into the cloud to synchronise with the master document.
Incredible productivity

One shared document, versions controlled

It drives you nuts if there’s more than one version of the same document in circulation.

It wastes a ton of time to fix it back together. So we stopped it from happening with no 'Save As' required.

In GoPublish, there's only on shared document being worked on. Creatives submit a status for their content when they drop it in, so everyone knows where it's at.

With version history and restorations managed in the cloud, there's never any doubt which version is the right one.

Ideal for corporate reports, legal documents, catalogues and more

Assigning and managing content is easy with GoCopy.

The magic part? Everyone has their own basket to drop into.

Copywriters have their own private basket where they write their stories. It’s local to their machine, so they can save, go offline and come back later.

Depending on the workflow, a story is either assigned to them from the designer’s document or they start their own fresh one using an InCopy template.

When they’re done writing, it’s just a couple of clicks to submit the story to the designer’s basket and get it instantly placed on the InDesign document.

No extra formatting or styling required. Quick and easy.

Visual magazine flat planning and page management

Create the page layout, add the artwork and get a real feel for the consumer experience.

GoPublish has an optional module for publishers of magazines and regular issues that brings a visual experience to laying out content.

Its centralised interactive flat plan lays out all the pages so you can assign them for creative, reorder them, let Ad Sales know what’s available to sell and more.

It’s a super-easy production journey for magazine specialists.