Superpowered change tracking on Adobe InDesign documents

The SuperTrack plugin for Adobe InDesign gives you unreal enterprise power for tracking, applying and reporting on changes made to document text.

Change the tracking game with SuperTrack

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
Swapping text out, fixing typos and editing passages of copy on InDesign documents is a fluid experience and happens all the time.

The risk, however, is when changes go unnoticed.

The SuperTrack plugin drops unbelievable new power into your document panel, giving you enhanced visibility and visualisation of all changes made throughout the creative process.

It changes the game for blacklining and proofreading, making it easy to analyse and make decisions on content to eliminate publishing risks.

Be calm, confident and in sync with your team.

Unlock awesome content superpowers

The SuperTrack plugin panel sits right inside InDesign so you don’t have to leave your document to view the latest change tracking data.

It’s a constant feed of up to date information transforming the way you manage text changes.

See changes clearly highlighted

Easily glance to see where edits have been made on the document using coloured underlines and highlights

Learn who made the changes

SuperTrack tells you exactly which creative user made the text edits, so you can keep track of teamwork

Apply or delete changes

Not happy with a change? Delete it and go back to the previous one using the simple interface buttons

Search fast on users to see their activity

Quickly filter down on a specific user to analyse their changes without having to go through the whole document

Report on changes using date ranges

What changed last week? SuperTrack’s date range tool makes it easy to narrow searches to a custom timeframe

The entire document or pick text frames

Have the flexibility to turn SuperTrack on for the whole document or just selected text frames

Export PDF reports with comments

Fire off a PDF to Acrobat which lists all the changes made as comments and share it with colleagues

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