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“Everyone involved knows where they fit in the process and who is responsible for delays. Our design team used to be blamed for late products, but now we can show that projects hang out in review way longer than design.”

Andrew L., Education Management, Arkansas, USA

Why GoProof is way more than Adobe InDesign share for review
Get clarity on what the Share for Review option in InDesign is in comparison to the GoProof ecosystem.
The top 10 benefits of online proofing software
Understand how web-based proofing workflows help you smash those content creation goals and become a super-efficient team.
7 Ways to transform your creative approval process
The secrets to winning! If you want to transform productivity and collaboration in your approval journey, look no further.
7 top tips for proofing sustainably from home
Here are 7 power-ups in GoProof that make you proof like a total superhero from home or remotely and save the planet!
Taking collaboration to the next level
Got the basics working well? Then it’s time to drive even more gains through your workflow with our next-level proofing power-ups.
7 steps to successful online proofing
The power of 7. Implement these fundamental steps in your approval workflow and you should start reaping the time-saving, collaboration and cost benefits straight away.

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