A new collaborative experience for Adobe InCopy users

The GoProof® cloud workflow transforms how Adobe InCopy® users share and review content with Adobe InDesign® creatives.

GoProof panel
GoProof panel

Write it, view it, submit it, and review it, like easy-peasy

GoProof’s workflow for Adobe InCopy is all about collaboration.

InCopy writers can drop their stories directly into an Adobe InDesign document through the Oppolis Cloud. That’s awesome.

But our experience takes it way further. Copywriters stay immersed throughout the creative journey, collaborating and getting feedback through each review cycle.

They can make changes to stories at any time, restore any older versions, take stories over from other writers and keep locked in with the designer – all through the Oppolis Cloud ecosystem.

Emailing InDesign files around is just wrong

All of us are done with emailing InDesign documents around, right?

InCopy users get a web link, open it up and get writing. When they’re done, they hit submit and their copy pings back to the designer in their InDesign document. And repeat if necessary.

Don’t worry, we’ve fixed it. Creatives send their InDesign document directly through the Oppolis Cloud. No attachments necessary.

Not a file attachment in sight. Just a bit of collaborative magic.

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