Creative jobs simplified for marketing teams with project intake, project management and review & approval software

Oppolis Cloud is the ultimate enterprise tool for today’s creative work managers who assign and collaborate on creative jobs with office and home-based teams.

Mark Carey
“The simplistic workflow makes it easy for our client managers to track files and move them between our internal resources, as well as our clients having full transparency of where the project is at, at any time.”
Mark Carey
Production Director, designportfolio
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Oppolis Cloud Forms

Project intake

Creative work managers are in total control of capturing and routing all job content with Oppolis Cloud.

Pick from the preloaded intake form templates or use the form builder to make a custom one. Add a creative brief, project instructions, deadlines, mandatory fields to fill in and more.

Ping forms out to design teams, coworkers and clients so they can upload their work directly into your job and make your life so much easier.

Project & job management

Keep all the important client, project and job information together in one unified Project Dashboard so you don’t lose track of your creative goals. 

Assign jobs to coworkers or contractors and drop creative requests right into their Adobe app. They can do the reverse and start their own too! 

Whatever your workflow, Oppolis Cloud tracks the project status and gives 360° visibility to whoever needs it, wherever their workspace is.
Oppolis Cloud Project & Job Management
Oppolis Cloud Automated Review & Approval

Review & approval

Oppolis Cloud has GoProof, one of the world leaders in online proofing software, running right the way through it.

Easily send job content for review as soon as it lands in your project using manual or automated workflows and manage all the version cycles that follow.

Send work wherever you want, in whatever order you want. Departments, global sites, C-levels, agencies, clients - it’s totally up to you.

Approve amazing creative work in your projects like never before.
“I love the functionality of having clients and colleagues being able to use the system with an ease of use. This has been very helpful for getting large projects complete. Overall it has been a great change to how I work through projects.”
Nathaniel Vanderwoude
Graphic Designer, Royal Distributing
Royal Distribution


Connectivity across the entire Oppolis ecosystem

Oppolis Cloud is the flagship product in the Oppolis ecosystem with no boundaries to product integration.

Brand marketing, creative teams and external clients can combine their unique expertise for all types of content projects in Oppolis Cloud.

Seamlessly link together copy editing, magazine flat planning, proofing, corporate report creation and more into one all-powerful workflow.

Driven by Adobe Creative Cloud integration, Oppolis Cloud is an incredible new way to manage your enterprise-wide creative journey.

Experience the power and energy of Oppolis Cloud today.


01Quick-drop intake forms to kickstart jobs

Kickstart your creative and marketing content workflows and share creative briefs superfast with our quick-drop intake forms
02Manage projects from the centre of your business
Creative work managers request and direct job traffic from inside the centre circle, keeping everyone around them constantly up to date with progress
03Automatically route content for review
GoProof provides world-leading proofing and collaboration functionality using faster, more inclusive approval workflows with custom options
04Reach out to more design divisions and siloed departments
Expand Oppolis Cloud throughout your company for greater content collaboration, project visibility and production time savings
05The most powerful Adobe Creative Cloud integration
Designers and content managers using Adobe Creative Cloud cut out hours of work time in so many areas thanks to the the Oppolis Cloud extension

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