Change the color of your markup on a proof

Can’t See your Markup on the Proof? Change the colors

Recently we shipped our new-look proofing toolbar with HIGHLIGHT and STRIKE markup tools.

But we kept something in reserve! It's another feature to make marking up proofs clearer and more accurate than ever before.

In the toolbar you can now customise the colors of the markup tools.

So for example, if you marked a red box comment on a red or similar background your other reviewers or designers may not catch it, as it's camouflaged. The answer? Switch the color!


There are six colours in total to choose from. The first three are starting default colours and the other three are options to switch to.When you proof a new document or version, it always starts with the following default color set:

Green #8ab940 for Pin and Tick tools

Red #ff0000 for Strike, Box and Cross tools

Neon Yellow #ffff00 for the Highlight tool

The options to change to are:

Black #000000

White #ffffff

Magenta #dc0183


To change a markup color, select your tool from the ADD COMMENT drop-down and to the left you’ll see the icon appear in orange with a triangle next to it. Click the triangle icon and a new colour from the list. The icon changes from orange to your selected color, letting you know what’s picked.

GoProof tool color changer

Once you’ve changed a color on a tool, it will stay in that color until you change it again until eventually the proof will be Sent Back or Signed Off by a Gatekeeper, signalling the end of the review round.That’s it! Stop squinting your eyes at the screen and switch colors right away. It's already live.

And don’t forget to give us your feedback so we can keep adding more of what you need!

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