Collaborate on Proofs in German Language

Collaborators can change GoProof into German

Get collaborating in German!

Back in May 2018, we built the foundations for multiple language collaboration and kicked things off with the launch of French.

Now it’s the time for the German speakers to chime in.It’s easy to set collaborators up with German as their default language. You can do it in two places and they can obviously do it themselves.

The first is for collaborators already using GoProof. They go to the top-right menu with their name on and select My Account.


Then, underneath the avatar options, is the Display Language drop-down field. They simply select German from the list, hit the SAVE CHANGES button and wunderbar, it’s done.

Language preference can also be set when adding a new collaborator during the send for review process. This applies for both the uploader and the Adobe Creative Cloud extension panel.

On the screen where you invite your collaborators, add a new one and the New Contact box pops up. The last drop-down field in this list is Language.


This is where you can choose your default language for that new collaborator. Quick and easy.

So what kind of content do they see in German? Well it’s the main functions and descriptions within the proofing zone.

Here’s an example of a GIF graphic being proofed in German:


You can see the renamed proofing tools in the centre, the help text on the right and the DONE button options in the top-right.Genießen!


We’d like to give huge props to Stefan from Schneider Electric Operations for helping bring this translation together for our German speaking community. Thanks Stefan!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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