Convert collaborators to publishers in just four clicks

Convert Collaborators to Publishers in Just 4 Clicks!

If you’re allowing a regular collaborator to share content for the first time using the Adobe CC add-on or Uploader, you’ll need to make them a Publisher in GoProof.

And this is something we’ve just made faster and easier to do! Thanks for your feedback by the way. With that and a bit of work under the hood from our dev team it’s now just a four-click task. Before we tell you where and how you convert users, here’s a reminder of what each of our four user roles are for.

Publishers share the actual content for review by using either the Adobe CC add-on or the export file uploader. They also receive content back from review once feedback or sign off has been submitted.Graphic design teams, freelancers and account managers who collaborate between the designer and the client would be typical Publishers.

Observers simply look at proofs without submitting any comments on them. This read-only access is ideal for occasional sharing or allowing someone to see proofs without affecting the review process.

Reviewers are clients, colleagues and others who receive invitations from Publishers to view proofs and give feedback on them. This is the standard role you would assign to collaborators.

Gatekeepers are like Reviewers but with more responsibility. They can send proofs back to Publishers to request new versions and have the authority to sign proofs off once they are happy with them. Gatekeepers can also invite more people to see proofs and change user roles between Observer, Reviewer and Gatekeeper within a review if required.So, with that in mind, the first thing to know is to you need to be the Admin user on your account to be able to convert users to Publishers. Your Admin user will be the first person who signed up for GoProof and started inviting others to join. If you’ve got any problems finding this out, hook us up on a Chat.

GoProof Convert User

Admins get the job done by first clicking the USERS option from the main menu at the top, which drops them into the User Management area. From the Filter Users list, select Reviewers. You’ll see the people you can convert to a Publisher on the screen. Then simply click the Convert button next to Edit and then click CONVERT on the pop-up window which appears straight afterwards.

GoProof Convert PopUp

If you’re a PRO TEAM or ENTERPRISE user, all of your Publishers must have a paid licence, so you’ll need to upgrade any new Publishers to start sharing content.

Please send all your feedback to us. Keep those suggestions coming.

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