Declutter your client workspace and dashboard with this new feature

Declutter your client workspace and dashboard with this new feature

We’ve rolled out a new feature request this week which helps proof senders declutter their client workspace and proof dashboard.

When you start accumulating a ton of clients you have finished working on for now - and those clients are crammed with multiple projects and proofs - they can start getting in the way of all your other projects.

It’s much cleaner and lighter on the brain if you can move those out of view WITHOUT having to archive or delete them.

This flexibility to move clients in and out of your work schedule whenever you need to creates air to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

You feel more in control and less anxious, resulting in better creative.

So this is how you do it.

In the CLIENTS section accessible from the top menu you see all your Client folders laid out in tiles.


Firstly, click on the client name on one of the tiles and a drop-down menu appears, with an option to Edit Client.

Select Edit Client and a box opens with an Active check box at the top.

Just uncheck the Active box and hit DONE to save it. That makes the client inactive.

Next, above the tiles in the centre you’ll see a FILTER stack with three hyperlinked options:

  • Show Active
  • Show Inactive
  • Show All

These allow you to simplify the view of your clients.

If you choose the Show Active link, your view refreshes so that the clients you have made inactive by unchecking the Active box will no longer appear on the screen.

Similarly, you can easily restore your inactive clients using the Show Inactive option and checking them as Active again. Or just see all of them in one hit.

Depending on your workflow preference, you may choose to only have one client active at any one time and keep it ultra tidy.


The client filtering also feeds over to the Proof Dashboard, so you can simplify that view too.

For example, you only see the clients that are active when you drop down the ALL CLIENTS filter option.

Again this helps create a fresher, greener workspace to relax the mind. How 2019!


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Customer Success Team

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