Edit Invite Emails When Adding New Collaborators

Gatekeepers! Add a warm and personal touch when you invite new collaborators

Hey there! We’ve just upgraded GoProof with a valuable new online proofing feature requested by a ton of you.

It’s designed to make new collaborators who are joining an existing review feel super-welcome.

GoProof users who are assigned as a Gatekeeper role (so not Observers or Reviewers) can currently add new users directly from the Reviewers tab, the center tab of the three alongside the document being proofed.

In here now you can see we’ve added an orange link just above the ADD USER field, saying Edit Invitation Email.


This new function allows Gatekeepers to add their own Subject Line and Message to replace the templated email content normally sent when inviting new collaborators to an active review.

Customizing this email means you can pimp it up with things like:

  • Personal greetings
  • How you’d like them to proof the work
  • Deadlines and priorities
  • External links to other systems such as Slack or Dropbox
  • A story-so-far summary of the review

Here’s an example of what you could write in your email:


This optimizes new client and co-worker engagement right from the get-go and delivers a far more enjoyable experience overall.

The existing place to modify it remains in place and is done during the Send For Proof wizard process in the GoProof Adobe CC add-on panel or through the export file uploader process. If you’d like to talk through this you can reach out to us on Live Chat. We hope this enhances your proofing process. Please give us your feedback so we can keep evolving GoProof to make your marketing lives better.


Happy proofing


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