'Request Changes' functionality introduced for Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers can now 'Request Changes' via the DONE button

Hey everyone, give it up for one of the craziest online proofing software puns ever, courtesy of GoProof!

Sit comfortably. Here’s the context:Some of you requested changes to the DONE button in the GoProof review screen to make the design workflow terminology a bit more familiar. Specifically when you are a Gatekeeper and see the Send Back and Completed options.

OK wait for it…The changes requested on DONE are done and it’s now Request Changes.

Still with us? Thanks.

So what’s actually changed? Well, the DONE button stack for Gatekeepers (the Gatekeeper role can view, make comments, add attachments, authorize new design versions to be created and sign work off) used to look like this:


We listened to feedback on the SEND BACK option as we felt it wasn’t quite hitting the spot. Although some GoProofers called new version design work ‘amends’ or ‘fixes’ or ‘rework’, the majority talked about ‘changes’.

So we reconsidered the SEND BACK option with changes in mind and decided to rename it REQUEST CHANGES.

That wasn’t all. We thought about the COMPLETE option for Gatekeepers, which also appears for Reviewers (the Reviewer role can view, make comments and add attachments) and took feedback on whether it was really needed.

The upshot? It’s gone. It wasn’t. As a Gatekeeper you request changes or sign off when you’re completing anyway, so it makes sense.

So now the Gatekeeper DONE button stack in our latest GoProof v2.1 looks like this:


It fits the design world more naturally and simplifies gatekeeping, making your user experience better.

Oh and one more thing, you will see that Changes Requested has replaced Back from Review in our super-shiny new Review Dashboard, which is easier on the eye.


Thanks for all your feedback and get those changes requested!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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