GoVersion Saves CC Milestones When Sending Proofs

GoVersion is here! Amazing CC version saving direct from GoProof

Versioning. Right?

We get so many reach-outs on this. Versioning drives you INSANE.

Why is it so hard to save, store and restore new versions of CC documents? Why do you have to leave your CC app and browse to external folders all the time just to find and view previous versions?

We totally get it and our team started thinking about how to fix it pronto and transform your productivity, especially within your GoProof workflow.

That was last year, this is now... we’ve built a whole new extension for Adobe Creative Cloud that works seamlessly with GoProof.

GoVersion is your new superhero. It makes saving and restoring CC versions a walk in the park.


The GoVersion panel runs inside InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator CC in the same way as GoProof. You open it from Windows > Extensions > GoVersion.

GoVersion uses a catalogue to present and access documents. Kind of like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC does.

It’s built for single or multiple user access, so you can choose where to store your catalogue and documents to make sure everyone can always get to them. Your Adobe Creative Cloud Storage would be ideal, for example.


Saving versions from GoProof is so easy and natural. When you send a proof from your CC app with GoVersion installed, there’s a new checkbox option on the first screen.

Just check it. Easy.


GoVersion creates a milestone version save of your CC document and stores it in the same location as the original.

So now you have an audit trail in GoProof of all the history with collaborators AND a document trail of all your CC versions to match. Neat.

If you need to restore or compare CC documents you just use the GoVersion extension, which presents your documents in a List or Grid view from within your CC app.


No need to open a finder or explorer to search for documents. GoVersion does that for you.

Once you’ve picked which version you want from the panel you can view it, restore it as the current version, duplicate it or send it for review using GoProof.

Your versioning life just got a lot easier.




GoVersion is just a $10 one-off cost per Adobe Creative Cloud annual version. The current GoVersion add-on is compatible with CC 2015 - CC 2018 and is available from


GoVersion comes free of charge for Enterprise / Multi-user GoProof systems. To get GoVersion, please hook us up on a Chat or email and we’ll do it for you.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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