Hear client-side feedback from McCabes Pharmacy

Hear client-side feedback from McCabes Pharmacy on why GoProof makes approving artwork so much better

Recently, GoProof was lucky enough to be invited to visit Irish Digital Printer of the Year 2017 Esmark Finch, where we talked about how our online proofing and collaboration software saves them 10 hours a week and improves the creative process for everyone.

It always great to hear stories such as these. One thing we don’t have the opportunity to hear that often though is the viewpoint of the person or company the designs are being produced for. Client-side feedback.

In Dublin, we hit the jackpot when one of Esmark Finch’s regular clients McCabes Pharmacy paid them a visit whilst we were there.

Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth... so we grabbed McCabes' liaison to Esmark Finch (who preferred to remain anonymous) and asked her if she could share any thoughts on her GoProof experience.

This is what she said.

Feeding back on email was difficult and time-consuming. And so many emails were getting lost in the mess. You never knew which one you should be looking at, as there were so many different email trails going on. And the designer isn’t sat next to you, so it’s not easily explained out.

We were making phone calls to each other but it was tricky on these to explain exactly what you are after and where it needs to be done.

I was printing out designs and writing and scribbling on them, scanning them in and then sending them back to Esmark Finch. This was such a tired method and wasn’t efficient.

GoProof has allowed me to become more involved in the designing of our materials.

I can be specific in my feedback and in a way that’s visually clear for the designers, as all my comments are placed on and next to the actual artwork.

Ideas and instructions are often lost over email and phone conversations. GoProof has given me a platform to express my opinions and easily get across what I am trying to say.

It takes away confusion about what you need by simplifying everything. It saves time and speeds up the process.

I love how you can send proofs on to other people in the team to look at and get feedback from them as a reviewer too. It brings in a wider selection of opinion and it’s easy for them to view the content and collaborate as they are not looking at separate PDFs.

But I do like that I can still get the PDF from inside GoProof and print it out if I want other people to sign it and see it on hard copy.

And I like having the proofs organised in the Review Dashboard with statuses. It helps you see what’s new and manage your project time really well to get everything done. We’re going to start using Deadlines soon, as it would help us with our newspaper deadlines and other time-sensitive content.

GoProof has simplified everything for me and removed the propensity to make mistakes. And the more i can take off email the better.

I wouldn’t want to be without it now!


McCabes Pharmacy was talking to Emerson Welch, Marketing Director of GoProof. If you would like to share your own experience of GoProof under our Spotlight, please reach out to marketing@goproof.net with your contact details and an idea if what you’d like to share with the GoProof community.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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