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Hey there, Insights! Go check out your proofing activity

The all-new Insights reporting dashboard is here! Get ready for some eye-opening proofing stats on your reviews, clients, projects and users!

Insights is a new interactive zone in GoProof that gets you under the hood of your proofing performance. It helps you see the true picture of what’s going on with your clients focusing on one of the most important factors of TIME SPENT.

Our Adobe CC add-on users will know you can already log time against changes when you complete them. These times have been gathered in the background whilst we’ve been creating Insights as the way for you to show them easily. Now it’s time to reveal all!Once you’re logged in you’ll see the shortcut to Insights. This pushes you through to the Insights dashboard which is split into two sections: TIME SPENT and SPOTLIGHT.


This top section is great for seeing how much time you’ve spent on your creative work so you can find out whether it’s been billed for!

You can start an insight either by Client or by User. Both only list results where design time has been entered by one of your Publisher users via the Adobe CC panel, which is where this section differs from the bottom SPOTLIGHT one.


The search criteria can be easily altered using the filters on the top at any time, including the Date Range, to zero in on targeted insights.When compared to your invoicing, the insights from TIME SPENT answer questions like:

  • How many hours have we spent on this Client?
  • Have we gone over our quoted time and are now working for free?
  • What’s the average time spent proofing on a project?
  • Which clients are the least or most profitable for us?
  • How many hours did our entire team spend proofing last month?

Seeing these critical insights presented in the cold light of day can transform your billing and profitability.


Head down the bottom and there’s SPOTLIGHT. In this section, you can shine a spotlight on ALL your Client and Project activity, listed by the most recent at the top.It’s a quick way to evaluate the design work you are currently doing from different insight points and uncover some home truths and trends.


Spotlight searches answer questions like:

  • How many new versions has this client requested?
  • How many documents are in this project?
  • What’s the average number of reviews for a document?
  • Which customers love commenting the most?
  • What specific design task took the longest on this project?


Insights puts a ton of proofing data in front of you to play around with, so just be brave and see what you can find out!And here are a few things to remember as you get in deep:

  • Export the data to CSV
  • Go from the dashboard to view the proof itself
  • Save a View so you can jump straight to it next time

Enjoy Insights and please send us your feedback. If there’s information you’re after that you can’t find, let us know!


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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