New Mobile App for Tracking Adobe CC Design Updates

Is it a World First? New Mobile App for Tracking Adobe CC Design Updates

Get this, we think we’ve just launched the WORLD’S FIRST iOS and Android app for tracking the Adobe Creative Cloud design proofing process. Isn’t it great?The app is ready to download now from the App Store and Google Play (yeah, it’s free) and keeps you updated with all the collaborative feedback being submitted by clients, colleagues or anyone else who is part of your approval chain.


Instant Notification of Progress

See key proofing updates on your lock screen as they happen.It’s connected to your GoProof website account to push notifications to your lock-screen as changes happen, so you’re on top of your design progress from Starbucks, home or the studio. You’ll see and hear one coming in just like a social update would. Just take a look at your phone every now again if you’ re at the game.

GoProof App Notification

Fast Access to Recent Updates

Swipe down the Notification Feed to see what else is happening.

After logging in you see all the recent activity listed in news feed style with the most recent at the top. Swipe down it to catch up or find something from earlier. If you’ve come in off a notification from the lock-screen you’ll drop straight into the project or document. Like Instagram would drop you straight into a post. Easy.

GoProof App Timeline

Client and Team Collaboration

Tap to see all the amazing ideas and feedback on each version.

Once you’ve tapped into a news feed item you’ll be through to the document that’s been updated. Here you can see a snapshot of the proof with the relevant comment type icon located on it (PushPin, Box…) and written comments underneath. It’s great for seeing how the design has evolved, who’s contributed to it and where the magic dust came from to make it sparkle. It could have been you, your boss or the client themselves, showing true collaboration.It’s a brilliant design trail which you can get at from anywhere.

GoProof App Reply

Monitor Your Client Activity

Know when key customers have completed or sent versions back.

Stuck in limbo land waiting on feedback for your proofs? Quit worrying. This takes the pressure off right away. Your lock-screen is your new best friend. You’re pinged when a proof has been Completed or Sent Back through the app, so you can boot up when you’re needed and switch off when there’s nothing you can do about it (apart from use our Nudge feature, obviously…).

We’ve given you a thermostat to control your heat. Your nearest and dearest will love it.

GoProof App Nudge

Amazing Creative Work Signed Off

It’s party time! Clients officially love your creative work!

The best part! Clearance. Approval. Thank you. It’s a wrap.Wherever you are, whatever the time, the GoProof app pushes good news to you so you can crack a smile and tidy up. Hey, why not take a look back over the comments, proof rounds and fresh ideas that came from project? You could use them on other ones.

We hope you enjoy our new iOS and Android app and thanks for all the ideas. Go switch off and be free to get on with more me stuff. The app’s got your back.

We look forward to your comments below or keep it coming in on email.


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