Make Proofs Confidential with Password Protection

Make your proof Confidential for extra security

Some design work you do is seriously important.

Like Top Secret James Bond level important.

If new brand direction or campaign content leaks, you’re in big trouble with clients and it could cost you a contract. Or worse… a hefty legal bill.

Being paranoid induces stress and nobody wants anymore of that in their life, so let’s calm this situation down a little bit and make your lunch taste better with an extra security feature called Confidential Proofing.

Here’s how it works.


At the point of sending a proof using either the Adobe CC add-on or Uploader, you can choose to make it confidential.

All it takes is just one check of the Make Confidential box and you’ve upgraded the security level.

So how does this affect your collaborators?

Well, this is where password protection comes in. Confidential proofs are only viewable by collaborators with a GoProof password.

When you invite collaborators to view a confidential proof for the first time they click through from their usual invitation email but will be greeted with this screen:


Only after creating their password are they able to view the proof as normal.

Gatekeepers can still invite new collaborators to view confidential proofs and the process would work in the same way.

Once collaborators are logged in as a confidential proofer, they will be able to access any other proof they have been invited to that is confidential.

So basically they won’t have to keep entering a password every time unless they choose to log out, which means minimum effort on their part to maintain maximum engagement with you.

Back in the Review Dashboard, you can easily see which of your reviews are confidential as they will have a little padlock icon next to the Review Title.


If collaborators aren’t logged in yet and click a confidential proof from the review dashboard, they will reach the login screen to enter their password before viewing it.

We hope you enjoy Confidential Proofing, the extra security level option in GoProof.

Please give us your feedback on this or any other area of GoProof. We love hearing from you!


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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