Preview Images and Sign Off Proofs from the Email

New Email Notification with Image Previews and a Sign Off Button

Our mission to make creative approval easy for collaborators continues to burn rubber with the new email notification template.

It’s a preference option offering you a neat choice on how to deliver and run your workflow with collaborators.

So what’s the big deal? What’s in the new email template?

Image previews from the proof.

Collaborators will see a thumbnail image of the proof displayed right in the centre of the notification email itself, giving them an instant visual impression.

And if it’s a multi-page proof, you get smaller thumbnails of the next few pages underneath to give a taste of what else is in the proof.

It’s pretty clear that for multi-page proofs - and for video files too - your collaborators will need to view them inside GoProof. So they click VIEW PROOF as normal.

Can you guess where this is going, though?

You got it… collaborators with a Gatekeeper role can now SIGN OFF work directly from the email notification if they’re happy with the preview.


You can relax knowing the deep GoProof creative workflow still underpins this email sign-off option.

It tracks and carries out exactly the same process as if it was signed off from inside the proof, so you lock in all the production workflow value and creative journey traceability in the same way.

The big gain in simplifying the approval process is in giving your collaborators the chance to quick-glance the proof and sign it off right there.

Boom. Done.

They just take a look at the email and tap or click the button to wrap it up.

It’s great for the more visual, less detailed impact designs. Think image-based magazine adverts, new logos, big banner graphics and more.

You may not want to allow the use of the email sign-off option every time, which is why it’s a ‘choose to use’.

You can call on it whenever you want.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Team


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