Manager proofing workflow filters and navigation shortcuts boost productivity in GoProof

Manager Proofing Workflow Filtering and Proof Navigation Shortcuts Boost Productivity

We make super-efficient proofing and creative collaboration workflows for marketing teams. 

And then we improve them. Even if it’s only by a little bit at a time.

These constant gains in productivity are what makes our software so critical for creative and marketing teams who are stressed to the hilt with deadlines and launch schedules.

Anything we can do to save them a few minutes here and there to release content flow bottlenecks will earn us some props. And we like props.

So here are a couple of new hopefully prop-worthy proofing and collaboration experience enhancements to talk about from our March 2021 release.


Here’s a really useful tweak to the manager workflow in GoProof.

The manager workflow is perfect for team leaders or client liaisons who want to see and approve creative work before sending it on to their contacts.

A classic use case for this workflow is in creative agencies , as their team may go through several rounds of review before being happy with a version to present to their client.

In this release we’ve added a more convenient way for both managers and creative designers to access, route and review proofs better.

Previously, proofs submitted to a manager by creatives or content sharers would appear in the manager’s Inbox section of GoProof. 

The Inbox is a separate area to the main Proof Dashboard that receives and processes proofs linked to manager workflows. 

It helps to differentiate between the two which some users prefer - but for others it means cannot see all their proofs in one place.

So to make it faster, easier and in one central place, we’ve added new filter options to the main Proof Dashboard which allow users to display proofs from manager workflow cycles alongside all their others.

Filter to see your manager workflow proofs on the main Proof Dashboard with all other proofs

Simply drop the status filter option down and select one or multiples of the manager workflow statuses.

These are Pending, Rejected and Changes Assigned.

Once selected, manager workflow proofs are now visible in the same list as all the other proofs and workflows, meaning managers don’t have to jump across to their Inbox to see them.

That’s cool - and there’s another reason why we did this. 

It’s a new win for content sharers who use the file uploader to send work for review - the alternative collaboration option to using the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

It now means permitted content sharers can now access Pending, Rejected and Changes Assigned proofs from within the dashboard and have the chance to read all the comments and reasons why those actions have been taken.

They can benefit from the same level of visibility when proofing PDFs, MP4s, JPGs and other export files as they can when proofing from inside their Adobe Creative Cloud app.


This new feature is a great request from one of our customers. Thanks for your collaboration!

They wanted to be able to hop in lightspeed from viewing one proof to the next.

We took that thought and developed it into Next and Previous quick-jump options, which are available to use right now.

When you are inside a proof, if you look to the top-right you will see two square buttons with arrows pointing left and right. These are next to the Exit cross.

Jump in lightspeed to view the Next or Previous proofs in your Proof Dashboard list using the new navigation buttons inside the proofing interface

Clicking one of these buttons will either take you to the next (right arrow) or previous (left arrow) proof.

Let’s quickly explain which proof you will navigate to next and how that works.

The sequential order is based on the currently active display you have on your Proof Dashboard, starting at the top in list mode or top-left in tile mode.

So for example, if you had your Dashboard filtered to just show those proofs that are In Review and you were inside the top proof in the Dashboard list, only the Next button would be active, as there would be no previous proof to step back to.

This is a real click and time saver for collaborators! When they are limited in availability and may only have chance to view and take fast action, this is a massive productivity gain.


These features are live right now, so go ahead and try them out!

If you’re new to GoProof,
take a free trial and if you have any questions reach out to our Customer Success Team.

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