Copy Editor for Adobe Illustrator and hi-res proofing in GoProof

GoProof online proofing software now includes Copy Editor for Adobe Illustrator and hi-res proofing


ONLINE PROOFING: Edit copy on Adobe Illustrator proofs
ONLINE PROOFING: View tiny content in crystal clear detail


2019 is drawing to a close but there’s no way our online proofing software is letting up! It’s just got a kick-ass upgrade!

There are two major features to talk about in this GoProof autumn 2019 release which will make users of the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud super happy.

The first is around editing copy and the second is how upgrade your proof resolution to make online proofing so much easier.


We get a ton of love for the Copy Editor for Adobe InDesign. It’s a key feature of our online proofing software and it’s unique to GoProof.

Collaborators can make text changes on InDesign proofs through the GoProof web browser app. This way they don’t need to email Word documents or paragraphs of copy separately from their proof comments.

The creative designers initiate the process by making sending an editable proof from InDesign, wait for collaborators to make their edits and then receive the text changes right back into their InDesign document, applying them with just a couple of clicks.

No typing required, so no errors made.

So if something is loved this much, why keep it exclusive to one Creative Cloud app?

Many of you make web banners, create custom image designs and more using Adobe Illustrator as your main app, rather than Photoshop or InDesign.

This is virtually the norm when it comes to artwork for retail product packaging, intricate point of sale creative or custom graphic displays.

So it made total sense to open up the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud and offer the same Copy Editor functionality for Illustrator work too.

It’s done and ready for designers and collaborators to use in exactly the same way as the InDesign Copy Editor. Here’s how it works.


Online Proofing Adobe Illustrator
Designers select who can edit copy on Adobe Illustrator proofs

The copy editing process is straightforward for Adobe Illustrator proofs.

GoProof does all the technical work. users just need to make a few choices. Here’s a quick summary:


  • Make sure the Copy Editor plugins are installed
  • From the GoProof Illustrator panel, send the proof as normal
  • Click the T button next to the collaborator name to permit them to edit
  • Send the proof
Online Proofing Adobe Illustrator Copy Editor
Collaborators can easily make text changes on proofs and submit them through GoProof


  • Open the proof
  • Click the T symbol at the top
  • Make copy edits and click Save
  • Request changes


  • View the changes in the GoProof Illustrator panel
  • Click the ▶ symbol to place them straight into the original Ai document
  • Send the next proof for review and repeat until sign-off
Online Proofing Adobe Illustrator Copy Editor
Designers use the ▶ symbol to place the edits into their master Ai document

It’s such a natural process and cuts out some real heavyweight time and effort inefficiencies.

As the new copy is received and placed so easily, you’ve eliminated time and negated the huge risk of making errors when manually transferring the new copy into the document.

The Copy Editor cuts all that risk and time out by giving you simple buttons to drop changes straight into your Adobe Illustrator document - or reject them if they’re an obvious suck.

And as an added bonus, collaborators can view and compare copy from previous versions using the quick glance grid and see what has been changed or modified. They feel like they’re in control too.

Online Proofing Compare Version Copy Edit
Collaborators can compare copy from previous versions in a quick glance grid

We hear so often that graphic designers don’t generally want the responsibility of writing or typing copy, so we’ve taken that away with the Copy Editor.

Way to go us. Hope you like it!


Designing for packaging products and items that need extensive labelling and compliance is a tricky task. And getting them successfully proofed and launched is no different.

There are so many terms and conditions, compliance logos, legal statements and so on which just have to be on there, so they are often severely shrunk down and placed where they will have the least impact on negative sales activation.

We want to make proofing these designs as easy as possible and your feedback has been awesome it making this happen. Thank you.

So, we’ve engineered a way to keep the proof in high resolution when you zoom in to the tiny stuff. You won’t get any blurring or pixelation.

Online Proofing Highest Resolution
Check the PROOF RESOLUTION: Highest quality option to make sure proofs are super-detailed for those tiny texts and images

When a GoProof publisher user sends a proof from either Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, there’s a new option called PROOF RESOLUTION on the left-hand side of the first wizard screen.

Check the Highest quality box and this will render the proof into hi-res detail when it lands with your collaborators in the GoProof web app.

It’s that simple.

Let’s compare them. Here’s the difference it could potentially make to your proof quality.

Online Proofing Highest vs Standard Resolution
See the comparison between highest and standard resolution for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign proofs

Pretty neat, huh? This absolutely powers up visual collaboration. Now those tiny instructions on pharmaceutical packs or safety logos on baby toys can be verified and approved so easily.

It’s awesome for designs that are heavy on the file size too. It may take a fraction longer if they are absolute monsters but it makes such a difference. You’ll love it.


To find out more about our online proofing software’s Copy Editor and how to get it activated, contact our Customer Success Team.

Happy proofing!

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