Proof Senders Can Update Active Proofs At Any Time

Proof Senders Can Update Proofs in Review

‘Oh my God, how did I miss that!’

As a creative designer or producer, no matter how long you spend on a piece of creative, it’s so frustrating when you spot a mistake or oversight just after you’ve shared it. It’s enough to drive you insane.You know you’re better than that.Here’s a chance to redeem yourself without having a spotlight with enough lumens to light seven runways burning over your head.

Just send another one out and replace it.

No drama. Here’s how it works.

--Scenario: you have sent a document for review with your collaborators but they haven’t taken any action on it yet - and you want to pull it to update it with a new one right away.--

Start by getting the new version ready first obviously. Then carry out the send process in the usual way by hitting SEND PROOF.

When you do this, you’ll see a new red message appear underneath the Team field saying Proof is Still In Review. This lets you know that the current version of the proof hasn't been sent back for changes or been signed off yet, so is essentially still active.


To replace the existing version with your new one, hit the UPDATE PROOF button.

Check the box to send collaborators a new notification email, making sure they have the latest proof link at the top of their inbox.On the website app, the old proof is placed into a CHANGES REQUESTED status which locks it down just as if one of the Gatekeepers themselves had done it.

From here on everything is normal, so complete the send process and hey presto, a new proof is sent out for review and the creative journey continues without dwelling on any previous mistakes or issues.You’re back in control of your creative work.

Nice huh?--By the way, you’ll see from the red message you can always use the Team function instead.

Teams is really designed for isolated proofing though. Like when you want to send the same document to separate groups of people. ‘I want to see what Sales think compared to Legal’. That kind of thing.


Happy proofing,

The GoProof Team


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