Proof version history in GoProof

See Comments from Previous Proofs Right Alongside the Current Version

Hey everyone,

We’ve pimped the History tab up!

These improvements will make collaborators even more confident that all feedback has been taken forward into the latest proof.  And we’ve reduced some browser window clutter while we’re at it.

If you regularly use the History tab, you’ll know that when multiple proof versions have been shared for review you can pop out the previous ones in new windows.

But what you couldn’t do was look at the comments in the same window right alongside the current proof.Well hey now you can, and it’s a great way to sense-check the proof.


There’s an orange Comments link in the History tab alongside the previous version numbers of v1, v2 and so on. This displays the full comment list from those previous versions right next to the current proof in view.

And it’s smart, as the selected proof markups from those previous versions show on the current version, so you can evaluate exactly what ideas and challenges were raised earlier in the design journey and where it’s at right now.

It’s easy to compare what artwork or copy exists on the current proof in the spot where a comment or markup was previously placed. Collaborators feel happy, as their feedback and required changes have clearly been considered by the team and actioned in the best way.

If you want to compare the actual design and copy content of previous proofs next to each other, then you still pop it out in a new window as before. But now you don’t need new windows just to read previous version comments.


Enjoy the new History tab!

Happy Proofing


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