Share Original Design Files and PDFs with Proofs

Share Original Design Files, Print-Ready PDFs and Other Documents When You Proof

At GoProof we think design file management, file sharing and the entire creative approval process should be simple.

It’s not always obvious how. But by digging into the finer details and considering new ways to cut corners using technology, we make a lot of progress.For example, we’ve taken a huge drag out of proofing by side-stepping exporting PDFs from Adobe Creative Cloud whenever a proof version needs to be shared.

This already saves freelance designers like Stacy Trager an hour a day in admin time. That’s more than 2 days a month that can be billed to customers and not taken out of profit margin.

We’ve been thinking further and looking at the asset transfer part of the creative approval process. This could be at any point during the review cycle, including right at the end - and the result is we’ve realized some more productivity for you thanks to our new file sharing features.


If you are proofing from Adobe CC and want to share the original master .indd, .ai or .ps file when you send your proof, you can. And when you’re using the Uploader to share PDFs, PNGs, JPGs etc. for review, you can share the actual files you’re uploading by checking the box.

No more writing separate emails or using file transfer services…just tick a box and the files are ready to share. And wait ‘til you see what comes next -Auto-creation of PDFs without needing Adobe Acrobat!

Yes. And not just that, if you are proofing from Adobe InDesign CC you can pick the specific PDF you need from your drop-down list of export options.


This is the new way to share print-ready PDFs from InDesign. Send your InDesign proof, tick the PDF box, select your format and hey presto. It cuts out all that time-wasting nonsense with email programs, PDF exports, file transfer programs and any other systems in your workflow.

So what happens to the files and documents you’ve shared? How do collaborators get them?

We came up with a simple one-size-fits-all solution of a Download Files button on the proof itself. Neat.

When the files are shared by you they are uploaded to our ultra-secure Google Cloud Platform server. Collaborators will be available to download them from a drop-down list that appears when they click the button next to Print. They’ll drop straight into their browser tray.


As Publishers you can remove these files if you want using the EDIT option that sits at the bottom of the drop-down list.

All these new-found optimizations promote uninterrupted working, saving you a ton of admin time and reducing excess heart beats and cooked up blood pressure.And remember it’s optional which files you want to share (if any), so you can hold on to your Adobe CC masters if you’re thinking about copyright or repeat business opportunities.


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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