Stop file transfers & email Adobe Creative Cloud

Stop emailing and file-transferring Adobe Creative Cloud projects already!

Getting big and fat Adobe CC files over to colleagues for proofing is still a painful experience.

Email is the staple sharer but only works for smaller files. How many times have you sent someone an email, it left your Outbox but they never got it?

And then along came file sharing and transferring using FTP, which was driven on by great services such as Dropbox to make it easier to pass large files between us.

As good as these options are, the root problem is it always starts with an export, which makes your work instantly out of date unless you stop what you’re doing.

It’s easy to make it go away with good online proofing software. Reviewers just browse to your shared Adobe CC project and everything is there, updated.

Goodbye email trails. Goodbye: ‘Didn’t you get it? Oh I’ll resend it.’ Or ‘You know what, it’s changed anyway, I’ll export a new one’.

And it’s adios to file-transfers. Reviewers see your latest CC work in their web browser. They don’t even need a CC licence.

Easy, right? Who needs stress!

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