Adobe Illustrator multi-artboard support

Support for Multiple Artboards in Illustrator and PDFs with Transparency

We’ve added three features to GoProof recently which will help you share your proofs faster and more professionally.

First up, here comes a big win for Adobe Illustrator CC users.

Proofing multiple artboards through the GoProof Adobe CC add-on panel.

Yes, we’ve nailed it.

When you’re working on Ai files with more than one artboard and it’s time to share a proof, you can choose which of those artboards you want to share with your collaborators.It’s as simple as checking or unchecking the artboard boxes on the first page after you’ve clicked SEND PROOF from the add-on panel.Collaborators view the artboards as separate pages in the proofing screen in the exact same way as multiple pages shared from InDesign CC or through the export file Uploader.

It’s a great way to share concept options or compare ideas before progressing the creative any further.

Next, here’s a neat little shortcut to upload new versions of content shared through the Uploader. In the proof screen you’ll notice a button in the bottom right-hand corner. This is a direct link to open the Uploader and drop a new version straight into the mix.


It will dynamically change to let you know what version is next in line. So if you are currently on version 1, the button tells you it’ll be v2 next.

And finally we’ve added support for something that everyone will appreciate: proofing PDFs with transparency designs.

Previously this caused a few issues for some people, so we re-engineered it and now it works like a dream across all platforms.It means there won’t be any pages in your PDF document that should contain transparent elements but show black color sections or borders instead.


Happy proofing!

The GoProof Team


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