What is creative collaboration?

What is creative collaboration?

Learn all about creative collaboration tools and workflows

Creative collaboration as a term has become a household staple over the past 10 years. Its amplified airtime is probably due heavily to the rise of remote working and global engagement through cloud-based apps.

In a software context though, it can be easily misunderstood and gets confused with more conventional collaboration systems such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

In our What is creative collaboration? ebook, we explain the key differences between creative collaboration and conventional collaboration and what you should be looking out for in your software search when assessing your creative workflows for improvements..

The ebook is easy to understand, with infographics helping to visualise workflows and how you can integrate them together to achieve maximum reach and engagement from your collaborators.

It’s a must-read for everyone involved in the creative process. Download your copy right now.

The symptoms - knowing when creative collaboration software will help

You could already be sensing the signs that you need to make some changes to your creative workflows but can’t quite put your finger on it.

In this ebook we look at how to spot what symptoms you experience, where creative collaboration software sits and how best to get your team normalised in using the creative collaboration tools in their everyday processes. 

Learn how to get maximum return, both commercially and culturally from your investment.

Example creative collaboration workflows

Ever wondered what your creative collaboration workflow might look like? In this ebook we look at workflows and how they are built.

We also explore integration and connectivity with other applications in a creative context and whether that could be a good or a bad thing for your team.

It may be that you already have 70% of what you need in place, you just need a specialist solution to finish your workflow off and make the creative process so much better.

Read our ebook and find out for yourself.

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