Proofing tools for clear and accurate mark-ups

Choose from a range of diverse proofing tools that make collaborating a breeze.

Feedback is more precise and the whole process is more enjoyable.

It's much easier to get work done with the right proofing tools at hand

GoProof has a range to choose from, giving collaborators the flexibility to choose the right one for each specific annotation and make all their comments crystal clear.

Proofing over rich images or complex graphics is bridged in GoProof, as you can change the colour of mark-up tools so they stand out on any background.

It’s creative proofing as it should be.

Push Pin / Thumb Tack

The Push Pin or Thumb Tack tool marks a precise spot on the document for comment and is an easy way to make general summaries on the proof.


The Box tool free-draws a marquee over any part of the document by clicking and dragging with a mouse. This is great for selecting an area of content rather than a precise spot.


Easily measure a straight-line distance across the proof. GoProof shows the length in scale with the true-life size of your document, so your results are accurate. Measure in inches, millimetres or pixels.


If you want to remove words or passages of text from the proof then use the Strike tool, which draws horizontal lines over the top.


The Highlight tool is just like using a highlighter pen and is perfect for shading areas on the proof to suggest where design changes should be made.

Tick / Check Mark

This is a simple way to show that a piece of content on the proof is correct, accurate or better than before. It’s a fast-use markup and is perfect for showing that you appreciate a good design or an effective fix.


The opposite of Tick, the Cross tool shows that a clear mistake needs to be fixed, such as an incorrect value on a promotional code or price tag.


The Arrow is an expressive way to point to a specific place or object on the proof. It draws the eye in a fluid and animated fashion, creating more of a journey from A to B rather than just highlighting a specific point.


The Question tool uses @Mentioning technology to directly tag and notify other collaborators to engage or respond. It’s kind of like a Nudge but within the context of a comment thread.


Use the Draw tool to add freehand scribbles and annotations to the proof to express ideas, movement and visuals in a natural way.


Specifically created for video reviewing, the Range tool sets a changeable start and end point on the timeline to identify sections of footage to be commented on.


Group is the perfect tool to use when making a number of markups which are all related, as you can roll them up into one combined comment and keep feedback threads tidy.

A range of tools to choose from
Improves accuracy in feedback
Makes mark-ups stand out clearly

Helps everyone understand better
Commenting becomes more enjoyable
Inspires more innovative creative work


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